ACdelco PF53 4100 miles

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Ecore, sloppy media, nitrile drainback valve, fiber end caps - just not a filter that I find worth it to use. Too many better choices.
How did you come to this conclusion? Using AC Delco filters causes a decrease in engine durability and longevity?
Somehow people are convinced that this stuff matters. The Fram OC has a new ADBV and now folks think that it is premium material. A good accountant at Fram probably knows more. The nitrile ADBV in ACD's work fine … it's holding back a bunch of oil every time I change them. Nitrile is used in thousands of industries … way more important stuff. The bonding on the ends is solid. The end devices fit tight in a very round bore. The spacing is perfect other than the seam area … well, tell the machine that's a problem.Not.
Yeah, my company must be crazy and dumb to use AC DELCO filters wink. Oh wait; did I just say this?! crzy