Accord rear calipers grinding noise after brake change....

Jul 3, 2020
Ok this makes no sense anymore... I have done countless of brake jobs on many cars, including a few on this 01 accord. I did the rear pads and rotors today, and for some reason the inner pads on both sides were not fully onto the rotors... Thought that was odd, and of course, after some driving it started making this awful grinding noise. I decided that maybe there's a defect with the rotors and pads I got, so I put the old ones back as they were fine (just running low on pads but still safe enough to drive thousands of km), and the noise didn't go away... I thought ok dust covers might be hitting, so I removed both, and still there... The noise goes away when turning or I noticed if I pull the handbrake slightly while driving.

What gives? What did I do wrong? I'm so lost as I have done pads and rotors on this car several times and I've never had this issue
I assume the hand brake is in the caliper and you lubed the caliper pins. Step on the brake and pull the e brake handle a few times, release and repeat.
The pistons may be stuck in the closed position, remove the inner pad and have someone press the brake pedal a few times, do not pop the piston out just push it back (you probably need to turn it at the same time).
May be someone who works more on these then I do has a better idea.
The rear caliper pistons have a cross/slit (depending on the year) that need to be horizontal @9&3 o'clock. Otherwise, the pistons don't press on the inner pads correctly.
I'll have to take everything apart again tomorrow and re-verify, maybe I missed something, maybe I accidentally put the slider pins in the wrong location (A versus B)... I have the service manual so I will go step by step through it tomorrow but I am just so perplexed... I either got lucky all the other times I did the rears or I got unlucky this time, which is possible
Yes all the parts are correct

There's always something to learn everyday... I didn't think the piston in the 9 and 3 o clock position makes a difference, but clearly it does (and it's pretty clear in the service manual)...I guess all the other times I simply got lucky when I pushed in the piston that it ended up being at 9 and 3 o clock position... long and short of it, I messed up and now i've rectified the issue. Thanks all for the help