AC Delco Syn Blend

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Sep 26, 2003
Pittsburgh, PA
[Cool] Stopped into the local Big Lots today looking for Havoline. None there but they did have AC Delco Synthetic Blend oil in 5w-30 and 10w-30 for $1.99. Never in my life have I seen AC Delco oil. Anybody know if it is any good?
JOHNNYO, I too found the AC Delco synthetic blend at Big Lots for $1.99 a qt. Either 5w-30 or 10w-30 with a SJ/SL rating. I know nothing, either good or bad, about this oil. I was hopeing someone on this site would provide some info. on this oil as to whether or not to use it and if it's a bargain at this price. Let's hope we get some "feedback" on AC Delco Sythetic Blend.
One last appeal: Does anyone, anywhere, know anything about AC Delco Brand Synthetic Blend Motor Oil that's SJ/SL rated? Also, on the opening page of this BITOG site, on the left side of the page, under Forums, it use to list the 10 most current threads being discussed. For the past wk. or so this feature no longer "comes up" for me on my computer. Is this just me or has the feature been deleted? I,for one, liked this listing of the most recent posts.
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