Absolutely amazing food!!

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May 27, 2002
Canberra ACT Australia
I visited this place on Friday lunchtime as I wanted to check it out for a long time after hearing it is special. Took the family and MIL there yesterday for lunch (Lent) and it blew them away. To eat Sizzling Mongolian Lamb or Honey Prawns (Shrimp) or Chicken and not have any meat in it kinda plays with your head. Exceptionally cheap too for the quality on offer. One of the best meals ever. Check the menu and the pictures. I'll never looka at vegetables the same way http://www.kingsland.canberra.net.au/
I have to say the dishes pictured on their site look very good. But what on Earth is vegetarian chicken?
No lamb, chicken, prawn, beef, lobster, fish etc. Everything is vegetarian but you don'tknow it. Believe me this is exceptional food and shows a great talent in the kitchen. Friday I has Szichuan Fish and it not only tasted like fish it looked like it. Next time we'll try Yum Cha which looked good when delivered to the table next to us. Around the corner from Kingsland is Au Lac a Vietnamese version of similar food. Next weekend we'll check that out.
Everything is vegetarian but you don'tknow it.
What if they are just messing with you and it's all meat? [Razz] Seriously, what's used to fake the chicken?
But I love chicken and pork! I've had decent textured soy that worked pretty well as meat substitute. These days I'm careful with soy. It's not only because of the latest FDA reports on soy products, but also because my last Chinese waiter, who served me braised tofu, had a second pinkie finger on his right hand.
Well we eat organic chicken and pork but vegetables are plain healthier. I ate like a pig in India recently but no meat/chicken/seafood and lost weight. That was a surprise.
If you've been eating like a pig and still have been losing weight, are you sure you haven't picked up a blind passenger who keeps secretly eating? [Wink] I'm just kidding, of course!
No ironically we got back from India healthy as and got a local stomach bug which hung on for nearly two weeks. Now that's a good way to lose weight.
Just had a feed at Au Lac the Vietnamese version of the same restaurant in Dickson and my G0d it was even better. What a food experience. Man I love my veggie food places it's something else. Guy's give it a try it's good for your body and mind.
I will agree that the IMO meat places are great. I've been to the ones in the USA typically run by Taiwan monks and also I've been to places in Shanghai. I love the mock dock. Most all the dishes are awesome. As for vegetarian being the best diet for everyone, I will absolutely disagree, scientifically, spiritually and holistically. Some people, self included, cannot simply get the concentrated correct forms of protein without lean meat. It is rubbish published at searing rate in the USA that no meat diets will lower cholesterol (NOT!) and help lose weight (NOT!). On the TCM level your chi simply will not be in balance, especially if you have a yin body, without some level of yang proteins. I was a proper vegetarian for 3 years. I was not "right" the entire time. My cholesterol shot above 250! (now 130 at 47 y.o.), I was headed toward 200 lbs (now 165) - all the while trying to avoid wheat flour as well. Enough said - I always lost weight in China and ate everything in sight - MEAT and GREEN/RED/ORANGE/PURPLE VEGGIES RULE!
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