ABS Lite 1991 Chevy Caprice 5.0l Automatic

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Jan 13, 2013
Put this car back in service , yesterday . Was mom & Dad's car , 46,000 + miles . While I was driving , them ABS lite came on . What DIY checks / diagnosis should I do . Thanks , :-)
Used THE TURKEY BASTER to suck the old brake fluid out of the reservoir . Wiped the 2 compartments out . Had a little left in a container of DOT 3 & added that . Had a full container od DOT3 - DOT 4 , finished filling the 2 compartments . This 1991 model car , will the DOT 3 be OK ? How about the DOT 3 - DOT 4 ? Went to the grocery store & also filled the car up with gas . ABS lite came on going to the store . Coming back , I do not think it came on again . Maybe changing out the fluid in the reservoir may have helped . Thanks , :-)
That vintage will blink out ABS codes with a paper clip jumper in the ALDL (obd port). However, they don't have the ability to store codes. They're lost when the ignition is cycled. Google how to pull the codes and carry a paper clip with you, and next time the light comes on try and snag the code.
Thanks , I will look into that . I have done something like that when I got a Check Engine Lite . Only ABS problem it ever had was a ABS cable field mice chewed in tow , going to the RF wheel . Splicer / repaired the cable & it went away . There is an ABS sensor on the LF wheel and at the differential . Thanks , :-)
Found some info on checking ABS codes . Seems the previous coded are lost when you turn off the ignition . Ran several errands , at different times , today . Some times the ABS lite comes on , some times not . Wyr God bless Here is how to read GM ABS trouble codes on an OBD1 system. This applies to Chevrolet and GMC vehicles from the 1990s. Put a jumper across the pins and then turn the ignition on. The ABS light will flash the trouble codes 3 times each and then repeat them. Here is a list of the GM trouble codes, and what they mean. Codes 12 and 14 aren't trouble codes, but may appear to indicate normal operation. 21 - right front speed sensor or circuit open. 22 - missing right front speed signal. 23 - erratic right front speed signal. 25 - left front speed sensor or circuit open. 26 - missing left front speed signal. 27 - erratic left front speed signal. 29 - simultaneous drop-out of front speed sensors. 35 - vehicle speed sensor or open circuit. 36 - missing vehicle speed sensor signal. 37 - erratic vehicle speed sensor signal. 38 - wheel speed error. 41 - 54 control valves 61 - 63 reset switches 65 - 66 open or shorted pump motor relay. 67 - open motor circuit or shorted BPMV output. 68 - locked motor or shorted motor circuit. 71 - 74 memory error. 81 - brake switch circuit shorted or open. 86 - shorted anti-lock indicator lamp. 87 - shorted brake warning lamp.
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