About to get a 92 133k mile miata, what fluid recs?

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Apr 12, 2003
Irvine or Berkeley, Ca
Well I'm very close to buying a 1992 mazda miasta with a pretty crappy red repaint. The car has 133k miels on it, but the owner doesn't know if the engine was replaced. The engine bay lookes very clean, so it may have. what fluids shoudl I run when I get it? I'm guessing some sort of oil that has alot of cleaning power. This car is going to become my track car so I already have Redline MT-90 ready for teh tranny and Redline 10W-30 for the next track event and guessing Redline 75w-90 for the differential (no LSD [Frown] ). What else? Should I really use Auto-RX or Neutra? Is it safe for rubber seals and whatnot? Anythign else you woudl like to add?
Hiya! I use MT90 in my turbo '94; works good. Your diff fluid sounds right too- that's what I use. I used Auto RX on that an on an old Audi that I have; the Miata was clean to start with (a steady diet of M1 will do that for you) but when I opened the Audi recently (it's an 87, 70k miles) there was not one bit of sludge in sight. It didn't remove the varnishing, but there was no mud anywhere. I'd use it again no problem. If your car has power steering swap that fluid for the Redline product; my car used to spew PS fluid on the track but no more with Redline. Keep an eye on your oil pressure gauge and have fun! Robert
Ah ok so I shoudl Redline it up. Do you use Water Wetter? What Redline fluid should I use for the PS? I have a last non-oil related question, how good is the OEM clutch? The vehicle I'm going to buy has a slipping clutch (according to teh 5th gear floor and release method). Right nwo I don't have teh money to get a RB clutch or Greddy Turbo anytime soon so will the OEM be good enough for road race duty?
I have used WW, but since many have had bad experiences with it anymore I use a couple drops of dish detergent. Normally, the stock clutch will last for 150k miles, so as long as you drive with a fair degree of empathy I think you should be fine with a stocker. Just don't slip a lot at launch and make sure that you're not feathering it when shifting. Redline make a Power Steering fluid; that's what I used. Have fun, and enjoy your cool car! R
Will the Redline PS fluid solve this odd problem I'me having? When I turn the steering wheel at idle my RPMs drop by about 50-100 revs. Also will the 94+ clutch fit my 92? I found the kits at the same price and I hear the 94+ kits can hold slightly more power (I may eventually get the cheap Greddy Turbo for the Miata).
RE: the revs dropping- the RL isn't likely to help much if at all. The later cars have a wire from the PS pump to the ECU that allows the ECU to increase the idle air and prevent the droop; I don't think the earlier cars have this feature. [Off Topic!] You can put in a 1.8 clutch as long as you swap to a 1.8 flywheel; it'll hold more power 'cause it's bigger. Still, I think that the Greddy will eventually roast a stock clutch (even a 1.8 unit), especially once you turn up the boost. [Which you will because everyone who gets a taste always wants more. Boost is not unlike heroin in that way...] If you can't afford the better clutch now, stick with the 1.6L unit since you'll need to swap it again if/when you go forced induction. Go here for lots and lots of good info! [Smile]
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