About to do a drain and fill with Honda HCF-2

Dec 23, 2020
'18 CR-V with 24677 miles.
I have 5 qts of Genuine Honda HCF-2

Any recent VOA or UOA on this fluid? I did spend about an hour searching and found one VOA on another website, but it's from 2016.

I have enough extra to send in a VOA, but would rather save the money if someone else has done one recently.

If I do a VOA, would it be worth getting a TAN? And then a UOA/TAN of the oil I drain out...?

If I do a VOA, would it make more sense to sample from one bottle, or 20% from each bottle to get an average of all 5 bottles?

From the few UOAs I came across, this fluid tends to shear from 7.1 to 5.1 cSt within about 25-30k, which is why I'm doing this now. I'd rather be proactive with this tranny.

Would a 4qt drain and fill be sufficient every 3 years/25k miles, knowing it's only replacing about 1/3 of the fluid each time?
Mar 2, 2010
Wichita Falls, TX
We are on our 2nd Honda CVT vehicle, our old Accord we bought new, I think it was about every 10K miles x 3 that I did to get the breakin debris out as best I could. After that, the trans seemed to pick up a gear whine on decel after about 20K, nothing bad , just noticeable. All was well when we sold it. Our '17 CR-V we purchased used with about 9K miles from an older gentleman who was moving to be near family. I did an initial D & F and then did another at about 20K. The engineering must have improved over the years because the magnetic plug debris on the CR-V was almost non-existent compared to the Accord. I have a VOA and 1 UOA from our Accord from 2016 I think, I will look for it and post up or PM you. I remember that HCF-2 seemed to shear down about 2 points during use. Fresh fluid is cheap to change, parts, not so much from not changing fluid.
Dec 6, 2014
I think a drain and fill every 25k miles would be ok. That's what I've been doing with my cars. (All use DW-1 though)

A change every 25k miles would be more than 99.99% of people do.