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Jul 11, 2002
Music City, TN
I was wondering how many people on this site have actually tried this oil for a couple of OCI's and then changed to something else? If someone did change back to another oil I was wondering if it was for any reason other than availability. It doesn't seem like there are very many bad UOA's from anyone using this oil and quite often some really outstanding UOA's that seem to surprise many with the low wear numbers.

I just bought some more yesterday and for $2.82/qt this is the oil for me and my Hondas.
I had been using the Schaeffer's Moly Pure Syn. I have shifted over to the Blend. My oil analysis should be back within a week.
Re your usage of Schaefers moly syn, please advise your experience. I use their diesel 15/40 blend in my powerstroke, was thinking of using the full synthetic in my Acura. Thanks
MolaKule - that was the thread that made me decide to ask the question. I had a similar, if not better, UOA on my wife's CRV and it seems like most UOA's on Schaeffer's Supreme are excellent. I just wanted to know if any of the oil junkies on this site have used the Schaeffers blend and did not like their results or if it was an availability, cost or just a preference issue. Since I am an oil moron and was planning on using the Schaeffers Supreme I am trying to find out if I am missing anything or not aware of any negative information.
Titan ,

No negatives from me . I bought 6 cases 1.5 years back and ran one UOA " nice one " but then some cars got moved around here . One was sold and another ran on it's side @ WOT plus suffered some body damage from young Crash Bike's driving style at the time
This 10/30 blend oil was bought for those two . Crash's car is repaired but suffers from lower end damage and requires a thicker oil to get required oil pressure till I can fix it .

It appears a new vehicle will enter soon " Mother replacing here car " so will get back to using it .

Dino oil in single quart pricing keeps edging higher making for IMO a large purchase of this oil split between friends or neighbors a very good alternative these days like I have posted before . If I'm going to run a blend it will be a REAL
PAO blend like this one but I don't like to compare dino's to blends , blends to Real Synlubes .

I try to remain balanced in my posts but do like to support the little guys like Synergyn and Schaeffer's for personal reasons and in doing so I believe I get what I pay for and then some .

Gotta love that Mobil SS oil too , three different oils with many uses for them .

They all have their place but the Schaeffers 5w-30 Blend seems to be a modern OHC Engine 4 cylinder oil extrordinaire for the price

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Originally posted by Motorbike:

They all have their place but the Schaeffers 5w-30 Blend seems to be a modern OHC Engine 4 cylinder oil extrordinaire for the price

When I wrote that I mean't it to be read as

all available oils have their place . not to be confused as those are the only three oils of worth
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