A Viscosity Chart for Red Line 5/10W30

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Nov 18, 2005
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Has anyone worked up a chart? I can't seem to download the Calculator on my computer; it could just be me. I'm concerned with Red Lines' relatively low VI for a synthetic resulting in a fairly thick oil at sub zero C temps. i.e. 5W20 @ -20C cSt of 2996; how much worse is their 30wt oil?

Not sure why you would be concerned. There is probably no VI improver in either oil. Also not sure why you are saying RL is a low VI oil. 5W-20 pours at -40C. And both oils at least meet the spec of Low Viscosity Pumping (6000 cP) @-35C
maybe I'm not following you.
I'm a fan of RL for its high temp protection, ester content and no or little VII, but its' VI is not very high for a syn oil.
The VI of their 10W30 is only 142 and 145 for their 5W20. As a result the Kinematic viscosity @ -20C for the 5W20 is relatively high at 2996 cSt. By comparison M1 0W20 is 1713 cSt and even M1 0W40 is better @ 2662 cSt as is GC @ 2609 cSt.
If it wasn't for the ester content it would appear that RL is no better than most dino oil in this regard.
kevm14 posted a nice comparative chart back in October but not including the oils in question.
use of no or low amoumts of VII results is stable non shearing PCMO and a "LOW" VI of 130-145 range BUT it is the most stable way to build a oil.
VII means nothing so what is the problem if oil meets cold end and hot end VI is not important in fact the higher it is the more it will shear.

Believe me when I tell you RL,s product manager has forgot more about PCMO than I remeber.

Bruce, thanks for the reply.

The fact that RL is such a shear stable oil is one of the reasons I use it in my Caterham for track and fast road work in the summer with total confidence. But that isn't my concern during the dead of winter up hear in the Great White North.
For my daily driver so much of the time the oil is not up to temperature so even the lightest oil I can get my hands on is technically too thick most of the time; i.e. M1 0W20 which is much lighter than RL 5W20; their lightest oil.
I've managed to get the viscosity calculator to work and have determined the kinematic viscosity of RL's 5W30 and 10W30 at -20C to be 3954 cSt and 4404 cSt respectively. In comparison M1 0W30, 5W30 & 10W30 vis' are 1995 cSt, 2225 cSt & 3425 cSt; significantly lower to say the least.
When it comes to sub zero performance this does not appear to be what RL is best at.

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