A True Christmas Story

Deer Park, Washington
A few years ago, there was a car salesman in Oklahoma that was a fantastic salesman. He was averaging 7 sales a day, all trucks. In total, he sold more than 300 trucks in a little over 2 months of employment. On December 22, just 3 days before Christmas, He quit his job at the dealership, saying that he had to go take care of his sick mother in another state. The dealership management was really sorry to see him go. On December 24, all the people that he sold a truck to started showing up to the dealership to pick up thier "Big Screen TV", With thier voucher in hand. That was part of the deal that this salesman included in all his sales. The only thing wrong was that the dealer had no idea what was going on. The salesman made up the "vouchers" on the company letterhead and gave them to each customer that bought a truck from him. His departure was part of the master plan. On further investagation, this particular dealer screwed the salesman years ago on a warranty claim and he vowed to get even. The police had to be called because of the near riot that was happening at the dealership. 300 people, the day before Christmas, and no TV's. This was "Getting Even" at its best.