A Toyota 1ZZ-Fe at 105k miles with pics(M1 7-8k intervals)

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Jul 13, 2003
Found these online.

1ZZ link

I pulled the valve cover off my 99 Corolla and it was cleaner than this one with 3-5k M1 OCI's.

Toyota builds a tight engine

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Does the new Corolla (04 & 05') also use a timing chain ??

They have been for a long time.

Any 1ZZ-FE powered (most since 1999) have the chain.

It's a great car. I love my 05 and have 33k on it with not a singe problem. Over 41 mpg average...

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Take care, Bill
A quote from the link:

"First 30K services done by dealer (free service promotion on schduled maintenance - I did every other oil change myself)"

I'm sure the dealer used dino oil for the free service. This may be the reason for the light varnish deposits.

This may be the reason for the light varnish deposits.

But Mobil 1 has all the cleaning power it should have "cleaned" it up! (just kidding)

Nothing wrong with that top end. It will last as long as they want to drive it.

It would look the same if they ran dino every 5k or mobil one...

Interesting that the inside of the cooler valve cover has more discolor than the HOT head???

Also, The valve cover is way different than my cover on my Toyota. From the PCV location to Fill port. The intake manifold is different too.

But I'd guess they change somethings in 6 years!

Take care, Bill

Anybody know if the switch to the new composite (black "plastic") intake manifold improved airflow/horsepower?

I read someplace it added some torque and MPG since it has a cooler temps.

Also of course, it's lighter and cheaper...

Take care, Bill

Will you replace the timing chain at some point? There any recommendation from the factory on that? It stretches, jumps/breaks at some point, yes? No?

What I've seen and asked around tells me if you change the oil and not rev it to redline each shift, you can expect 300k+ miles. If your a redline person, look around 190-250k.

There is a Lab company here that had 15 Corollas (2 got destroyed in accidents
) for picking up Lab tests/drug screens and they are right now around 200-230k with no problems as far as timing chains. 1 has had to have it's tensioner replaced (I think it was a bearing that went out).

The biggest problems they have had with the Corollas?

1. Windshields cracking due to rock chips. Like 2-3 a month!
(mine has had 2 chips and I see a semi I stay way back...still got 2 chips and had them repaired)

2. Terrible tire life. The drivers show no mercy on tires and they seem to use a set of tires out in less than 25k.
No matter what brand. And the tire dealers will not warrenty a 70k mile tire if used in a business. (I did not know that)

3. Heater/AC fans inside the outfit. Seems that every one has had a speed or the whole motor go out.

4. CV boots. Outer ones esp the left side. (wonder why the left one?)

Other than those, they change the oil every 7,000 miles with QS 5w-30 dino (with a white oil filter with no markings
) at a local shop, Change the air filter out every 35k, rotate the tires every other Oil change and drive them up and down the Wasatch Front. I don't think any of them has had the valves checked. Maybe plugs every 100k?

Most of the fleet is 2001 with 4 of them 2002.

Oh, and on everyone the drivers seat is toast. The fabric is not up to people getting in and out lots of times. Plus the springs seem to wear out. They are in the process of rebuilding the seats in every one.

I asked one of the drivers (we use them for Drug Screens) when they are planning to get new cars and he said the owner is going to keep them until they cost too much to run. I figure that they will make 400k on them before he gets new rigs.

I guess they were looking at little trucks but the gas mileage will keep them in small cars.

This fleet is one of the reasons why I looked at and picked a Corolla. I know how my wife and I take care of and drive a car. Looking at the labs use, mine should last 400k! And at 25-30k per year, I'll see if I can make it soon enough!

Take care, bill
41 miles per gallon !!!!

I'm sure that would be very hard to do in lower elevations close to sea level.

I think you talked me into buying a Corolla over a Civic for the fact that it has a timing chain, its larger in size and gets a little better gas mileage. Does the Corolla spec 5w20 oil.....or 5w30 oil?
Like he said, 5w-30

The 2006 Civic has gone with a chain in their new engine.

I still like the Corolla better for me and it gets better MPG with the manual.

Take Care, Bill
Yeah, the 1ZZ-FE is an awesome engine(it's great to know that Toyota learned something from Nissan). Not only, does the 5k interaval Oil change work well, but it also makes it better in the long run. I really hope I can manage 760k+ like this T-100 we have at work(courier service). Original motor and only one Tranny change.
The 1974 vintage Mercedes OM616/617 had timing chains and they lasted around 300,000 miles with proper maintenance,nice to see good old chains making a comeback finally and the issue of a belt breaking and then taking your $$$$ is finally over.

The Toyota indeed is a good engine, the 2.3L 4 cylinder is also an excellent example of typical Toyota longevity, the Honda VTEC Civic and Accord engines also last pretty long with proper oil change,the Toyota diesel engines in TLC built by HINO outlast almost every engine built. Goes to show that good investment combined with proper care can negate the need for buying a new car for a long time.
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