A tofurkey is being baked as I type.

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Aug 16, 2004
Now that my better half has dramatically reduced the consumption of anything that has had a mother, she is exploring the meat-free diet. Which is good since it adds variety to our diet - veggies never hurt anyone. I still eat poultry. Haven't been able to eat beef or pork for about year and a half. I just can't stand the smell of these meats any more. I hope this Tofurky tastes OK. I'm not a big fan of tofu.
Havent you ever heard veggies scream when you cut them up? [Big Grin] The whole vegan thing puzzles me. Just because veggies are easy to catch, and meat has a face? Or is it because veggies dont have souls? Plants are just as much an expression of the "Creator" as any other life form. If there is anything to re- incarnation, what better than to come back as a tree in some pretty spot? Humans are omnivores, deal with it. I like tofu BTW.
The vegan thing is rediculous from my point of view, but that's a different thread and to each his own! What bugs me is when people freak on my meat eating, yet I need to respect their veggie diet. Two way street!! Yes we are ominivores! I got really too fat with high cholesterol on a meat free diet.
Where did you find a high cholesterol meat free diet - do you mean veggies deep fried in pork lard?
No strictly vegan. No pork fat. Without the correct fats and with the wrong carbs your body can and will over produce LDL. Trying to reduce by just cutting animals out of the diet does not work for some people. Your body makes most of your own cholesterol. I'm not advocating a pork fat diet for heart attack victims.....but rather a balance. I was fat, miserable and had high cholesterol when I was a vegan. I went back to lean meats and correct oils, dropped 50 pounds and 70 points off my cholesterol. How was the mock turkey?
"Plants are just as much an expression of the "Creator" as any other life form." Also, they can't run, swim or fly. Easy prey for a humanoid.
The mock Turkey was not as bad as I anticipated. It can actually taste OK to a hungry man.
Don't give up on tofu kloppilt! It's cheap, and incredibly flexible because it takes on the flavor of whatever you cook it with. That said, I do know some people who just flat out don't like it. Have you given seitan a try? I have never really been that impressed with the vegetarian "mock meat" products because they just don't taste like meat to me, and if you happen to be after something that tastes like prime rib, you are pretty much SOL. The people I know who have made the easiest transition from an omnivorous American diet to a vegetarian one are those who seem to enjoy foods from other countries. SE Asian, yes, but scads of other countries have diets that (at least traditionally) revolve around meatless dishes, usually due to the historical poverty of that specific region. Try googleing some recipes from Italy or N. Africa. And since I'm in "tirade mode" again folks, it's my humble opinion that even those who choose to eat meat (I'm not a vegetarian BTW) should not purchase it from so called "factory farms", at least to the best of their ability. You can spew all the man vs. beast doctrines you have at me, but you cannot convince me that the flagrant abuse of animals is ethical in any form or fashion. I, for example, will not eat veal. But that's not to say that if I have an extra $50.00 lying around that I will give it to PETA. My biggest concern is first for the welfare of myself, my family, and my friends. Then comes humanity in general, THEN animals, and maybe the environment or something. If you still eat poultry, free range chicken and chicken eggs are getting easier to find these days. Give them a try; they don't cost that much more. Good luck with you and your "better half's" lifestyle change.
Not the Autorx Frank - you might be surprised - many people can't eat tofo (toefood - my kids used to call it), BUTT - the fabricated meats are pretty tasty. Find a Chinese/Taiwanese/ veggie monk place in so cal and try the duck version. You will be amazed!
JS, veal is veal, chickens, cows. hogs, are raised to be eaten. Just like corn, wheat soybeans, broccoli etc. What is the real difference here? What makes a cute baby bull, or a free range chicken, any different from an onion? MMMMMMMMMn Duck
Again, I am not a vegetarian or a vegan. I just fried up a venison tenderloin a few hours ago for lunch (sesame/panko-crusted if anyone's interested). My only beef [Roll Eyes] with people like andyd (sorry to use you as the scapegoat) is that they seem to see this issue in black and white. Just because I would gladly inhale a thick, juicy weiner ( [Wink] ) doesn't mean that I don't think twice about squashing a spider now and again. It's alright to have a slightly ambiguous relationship with the living things in your environment. No one is going to sue you if you don't overtly side with Rambo or Gandhi on this one. My picture of a nice happy world is more like "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein. A practical symbiosis seems to work out better for everyone than a world in which an overlord is pulling all the strings. I don't mean to be trite, but I think the way the Native Americans interacted with their environment and understood their place in things seems closer to what we should be living like now (the principles, not the literal lifestyle). Intelligent design? Here's some reading... The first site is very well done, and has a lot of good reading on a lot of good topics. http://www.religioustolerance.org/evolutio.htm http://www.talkorigins.org/ Make up your own mind.
Scapegoat??? I'm sticking pins in your effigy as I type this. [Big Grin] I subscribe to no organized religious doctrines. In my black and white cosmos, organized religion = politics. I just get a little rankled when self righteous people of any stripe start touting their superior moral beliefs. Food is food. How can raising chickens in little boxes be more exploitative of a life form than raising tomatoes in a hot house or hydroponicly cultivating celery? Or killing a baby bull calf because it isnt economical to raise? If you have issues with how food is processed, dont eat it. I just dont follow your concept that it is an unethical, flagrant abuse of animals to efficiently raise them for food. You Bambi killer you [Big Grin] This may help too. visualize Foghorn Leghorn saying "Thas a joke, son "
I'm with you on religion. The deer I ate lived a pretty decent life; he spent his days trotting around in the woods, ******* does, eating corn and growing antlers before he was shot. The coyotes ate what was left of him after he was fieldstripped, and the good meat went into my freezer. The veal picatta you ordered in a restaurant came from a calf that was locked in a small plastic igloo it's whole [miserable] life so that it's muscles would atrophy to become tender and pale. One of these methods for obtaining food shows a respect for the animal and the world you live in, and the other does not. The "tough ****,I need it/want it" mentality ends up making everybody into little Ayn Rands. Competition is healthy, but so is collaboration. All I'm really trying to get at is that instead of the "divide and conquer" or "let the good times roll" method to life, people should try chilling out and contemplating what it is they consume and where it came from. I made a shameless plug for Fair Trade coffee in another post, I think it's a great idea, along with sustainable agriculture and alternative energy. The average Joes of the world who have happy lives are usually the same ones who tend to get along well with everybody, not the ones who try to run everything their way. I just don't see why they can't include a few more things in their laundry list of considerate actions. That's really all I have to say in the "General and Off Topic" section of an oil forum, especially in someone else's thread. If I wanted to argue about vegetarianism or the sanctity of life, I would have gone to another website [Smile] http://www.nonstick.com/sounds/Foghorn_Leghorn/ltfl_038.wav
Pablo, I'll try that cause I LOVE duck. So tastey n moiste w/ full body flavor. I'm just a red meat and potato kinda guy but I can't have the potato anymore if I want to fit in my pants!
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