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Originally posted by Audi Junkie: Anyone want to take a crack at deciphering the text, Alta Vista or babblefish? Various references to Castrol Formula RS and BO Visco 7000.
Unfortunately nothing interesting: nearly all local forums are limited by general recommendations, numerous positive or negative end-users' reviews, often very subjective, as well as by the info about oils' availability and prices. In this respect BITOG is the best. As for BP Visco 7000 and Castrol RS, we may only suppose that unlike the time of their introductions to the market their stuffs have to be quite close now, but it would not be correct to say they are fully equal. Most probably their additive chemistry is similar, but not always base stocks. Apparently this depends more on BP-Castrol supply chain in this ot that region.
Primus, Would you happen to have any more info on this oil: SLX LongTec The reason why I question the data on the above page is that the specs are identical to SLX GM, and as far as I know, they are not the same oil. And it is different from SLX LongLife as well. Apparently, the SLX LongTec is a new version of the old Formula SLX, but designed specifically for the Eastern European and Russian market to deal with poor gasoline quality over here. At least that's what Castrol claims. However, the skeptic in me thinks this is just a cheap version of the original SLX, designed for "third world countries". After all, if it was so good, why doesn't Castrol sell it in western Europe? On top of that, I have not been able to find any specs of this SLX LongTec, apart from the one I provided above. Audi Junkie - sorry for the threadjacking. [Big Grin]
Pete, I forgot you were over there. [Big Grin] Good luck finding that info. It appears SLX is a cast-off product, sent to USA and Eastern Europe. It does work well though. I am wondering what the VW 505.01 oil actually is, if it's Formula RS I'd buy some, price was just reduced.
Quattro Pete, Most probably Castrol Longtec is the same GM stuff or a very similar to it, but not a cheap version of Formula SLX. There are plenty of cheap oils from other manufacturers here. As I know there were numerous issues with Castrol 0W-30 gelatinization caused, according to OEMs, by poor gas quality. Given 30K and 50K intervals allowed in new Opels and Saabs, the oils used in these GM cars should provide a huge quality reserve which is based on an appropriate base stock and additive chemistry. Apparently it's expected that GM stuff may solve a.m.problem. As for selling LongTec only in the former Eastern Europe (former because now business considers Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova as Eastern Europe, but Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary as Central Europe). Think this was made mainly for marketing reasons. If we visit Castrol sites in Russia and Poland we shall find interesting situation: - Poland: there are both Castrol stuffs, GM and Longtec, but LongTec description does not contain PDS; - Russia: there is no Castrol GM, but Castrol LongTec is presented with PDS. In 90th Castrol made a lot of money in ex-USSR. According to some estimates Castrol had more then 50 % market share in the 1st half of 90th and around 30 % in its 2nd half mainly thanks to synthetic oils. So, no doubts this market is very important for Castrol (like for BMW: Russians were the first to whom BMW made presentation of its new "6" model !). Some special products like Castrol GM or LL01FE are usually more expensive or positionned like more expensive, and if they're to be sold via car dealers only, their sales volume in Eastern and Central Europe will be quite limited. Therefore, offering GM under LongTec Castrol will be able to sell higher volumes and avoid undesirable price questions. Think the only difference between LongTec and GM stuff, if any, will be in a quality control. http://www.castrol.pl/webs/servlet/webS?action=page;osod12 http://www.castrol.pl/webs/servlet/webS?action=page;osod20 http://www.castrol.pl/webs/servlet/webS?action=page;osod http://mail.castrolcis.com/homepage.nsf/Home?OpenPage
I have to acknowledge that my supposition was not fully correct. As I could find Castrol Formula SLX Longtec 0W-30 will substitute Castrol Formula SLX 0W-30 that is to be discontinued now. Most likely it's already discontinued and now Castrol sells off its remains. As usual it was nearly impossible to get specific details, just quite a dim info that LongTec base stocks and additive chemistry is completely different of "standard" Formula SLX. Its apparent similarity to Formula GM does not mean it's just a rebadged product. However, it was not fully denied that GM stuff ideas could serve a base for the development of a new product.
Thanks for the info. Still, given what you were able to find out, don't you find it strange that all the specs for the two oils (SLX GM and SLX LongTec) are identical? My feeling is that due to lack of specs for LongTec, they just used GM's specs assuming that it's close enough. [Roll Eyes] Trying to decipher Castrol is hard sometimes... [Smile]
Agree, PDSs are 99,99 % identical and the only difference is specific gravity of 0.840 at GM against 0.838 at LongTec. Think Castrol Poland did not publish LongTec typical properties because of data available for GM. As for Castrol CIS site, it is not expected to import GM stuff here, so there are no obstacles to indicate them. As you understand any rebadging is quite a delicate action and if GM and LongTec are really identical not only by typical characteristics, but also by their composition, Castrol will never recognize it. As for Castrol Formula SLX 0W-30, more known as GC at BITOG, I noticed that your PDS indicate 201 C as a Flash Point, but in Russian PDS it was indicated 218 C in 2002, 234 C in 2003 and now this property is removed at all ! Last year I asked Castrol about this discrepancy and what is its real value, but have not got a clear answer. VOAs posted here give quite unstable value too. Would be great to know the reason.
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