a quick question about GC

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Jul 18, 2005
so. cal
well first of all let me say hello, i stumbled upon this forum looking on the internet for what would be best oil for my car. Amsoil, Redline, Mobil 1 were all recommended but after reading about the wonderous "GC" i couldn't help but wonder if it would be suitable for my car. I have a 2001 toyota celica GT. I've about 85k on the clock and drive mainly highway miiles. I'm from So. Cal and frequently drives in areas with HIGH temps (i.e. inland empire/high desert) Thanks again and also i just wanted to say, that it's pretty good to find a forum filled with EDUCATED people

Hello, and welcome! I think GC would work great in your car, as it's almost a 40 weight oil. If not GC, M-1 T&SUV 5w-40 would be a good choice @ $4/quart at WalMart. If you haven't been using a synthetic oil, I would recommend doing an AutoRX treatment first to dissolve any sludge you may have. Synthetic oil may cause the sludge to 'break aloose' which could clog your oil pump.
okay cool, thanks for the info. i've actually been using the toyota suggested 5w-30 in my car. i started with regular castrol gtx and moved my way up to syntec. i cant wait to try the GC!
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