a nice suprise...as far as oil goes

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May 11, 2006
Palmyra, PA
Tractor Supply Company "Traveller" brand by WPP; (???warren performance products???) $1.48/qt; picked up 5 quarts and a Supertech filter (Walmart is in the same plaza) Are Warren Performance Products and Warren/Coastal the same company? If not, who makes better oil products? [Dummy!]
Nope, not the same company. I can't comment on which is better but I doubt your motor will see any less service life before, oh, lets say 400K between either of said oils, and any name brand oil. I say, whichever one is cheaper is the better product, but I seem to be on a " who can live the cheapest" kick lately.
I believe Trop-Artic syn blend is about the same price at Wally World. If it meets the SM/GF-4 requirements I don't see how you can go wrong with most modern engines.
Only problem is that TropArtic isn't readily available in PA, at least around the Philly area where I used to live. I believe the O.P. of this thread hasn't been able to locate TropArtic in their area of PA either.
To be clear, Warren Performance Products motor oils are NOT blended from or with recycled motor oil. I do not know the status of motor oils blended by Warren-Unilube, though I suspect the Federal Trade Commission would require notification on the product labeling if there were recycled content. UOAs posted on BITOG of SuperTech motor oils, blended and bottled by WPP, show very good wear numbers and active additive left at 5,000 miles by their TBNs. Another WPP product is the Sears Spectrum line of motor oils. WPP is not in any way related to Warren-Unilube which markets "Coastal" brand and a number of autoparts store house brands. (Advance Auto and Autozone come to mind.) The companies were started by unrelated men who just happened to share the same surname. (like attempting to equate Glaxo-Smith-Kline to Kate Smith...) Of the two oil blenders' products, I'd tend to trust WPP more. Warren Oil (the previous name before the company acquired Coastal-Unilube) was investigated and forced to recall on several occasions for distributing mislabled product. TropArtic and Havoline are well thought of and economically priced major brands, but I wouldn't hesitate to use a WPP brand if I couldn't find the other two.
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