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Aug 7, 2004
Hello everyone. Nice forum here. I'll get right to the point. I've got a 99 jeep cherokee with the 4.0. It has 111,000 on the ticker. I've always had someone else change the oil and not very regularly tbh. I've decided that it's time to start doin this crap myself. I know all the basics of oil changes and what not but I am unsure if I should switch to a synthetic or stick with dino. Also I would like to run a detergent or something to clean it up a bit. I have a few small oil leaks, small rear main leak and what I'm hoping is a pan gasket leak in the front, however I suspect it's coming from higher up. So in a nut shell what should I do to get this thing back on track. Oil, filter and addative info is appreciated. Sorry for the ramble.
Try AutoRX and good quality dino oil...Pennzoil or Castrol to name a couple in the 10W-30 weight to flush for around 3000 miles.Then tighten up all the oil leaks.Stick with the two oils mentioned or a HDEO in the Rotella for dino or go with the high quality synthetics ie. Mobil Delvac/SUV ,Amsoil,Synthetic Rotella etc.Both my Jeeps are using Delvac 1 5W-40 and a Napa Gold #1515 oil filter.There are many fine oils to choose from..I listed a few [Welcome!]
How much oil does it use between changes? Smell the used oil to check for gas. If there's gas in the oil the motor will leak more and you should change it every 1 or 2 months. Remember to shake the bottles and prime the new filter. Joe
I agree with Greaser. My 96 has just turned 98K and is 1000k into the rinse phase of AutoRx. I used Castrol 10W30 for the first 70K or so, now I use Chevron Supreme 10W30 with a Napa Gold filter, or a Purolator. May give one of the High mileage oils a try. Since I can't stand to go more than 3K or so wtihout an oil change, don't use synthetic. Be sure to check and see that you didn't disconnect the oil pressure sensor while you were changing the filter!
The amount of oil use between changes is immeasurable. It doesn't even leak enuff to drip regularly. I have been contemplating the change to synthetics and just don't want to make the leak worse. Gonna do the oil change this week if I can come up with a plan of attack. The cost of synthetics doesn't bother me with the increase in OCI's. Thanks for the replies. Keep 'em coming [HAIL 2 U!]
Do an Auto RX cleaning and rinse then use Shell Rotella T 5W40 for 5-6K oil drain cycles or use Amsoil 10W30 and change the oil every 10K with a filter change at 5K. I like the Motorcraft FL1A filters the best so far.
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