A little Australian story about my Grandmother and her fathers Buick

Jul 8, 2019
Hi All,

I know this is VERY off topic, but I'd like to share a little story about my dear Grandmother who passed away March 13, 2020. We were only able to have her funeral just last week because of the virus.. Anyway, she was a pioneer of her local area, which is about 100 miles North of Sydney, and this link tells a bit about her past. The part which I thought would be of interest to the community is that right at the end, she mentions her fathers Buick, which she remembered fondly as the only car which had velvet upholstery out of the the other (few) cars in the area. I asked her about it once and it was a 1930 Buick Marquette, which was a very early American import to Australia. She always said how comfortable it was, and she loved having a car to ride in rather than a horse and buggy they previously had :)

It was ordered brand new by a Sydney businessman and arrived on a merchant ship in mid 1931. My great-grandfather bought it in 1939 and kept it for many years. Not sure what oil he used however ;)

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