A handy new doo-dad for oil

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How long do you suppose you have to leave the bottle like that before you've extracted all possible oil? I usually turn my bottle upside down inside the funnel while filling the engine, and leave it there for a while before tossing it. Neat idea, I guess...but what's preventing airborne **** from getting into the oil passages while those bottles drain?
I like it because the everyday man invented it and is looking to not only help the environment, but trying to make a couple bucks also. While most on this board may already leave their bottles draining for extended time anyways, you have to applaud this effort.
Gas stations used to have similar devices for draining cans - it kept our tow truck in free oil. I wonder if oil with Slick 50 would drain faster?
I came across that some time ago and lost the web site. I drain my bottles as much as possible and collect it in an old bottle. I usually get a couple of ounces here and there.
Originally posted by CBDFrontier06: but what's preventing airborne **** from getting into the oil passages while those bottles drain?
That was the first thing I thought of. My garage is quite dusty. You could put a plastic tarp over it and be good though. Pretty good idea! If additives do settle to the bottom of the oil bottle, then this could provide an oil that is super duper additized [Big Grin]
They say: "You may not have noticed, but about 4% to 5% of the contents of each of these plastic bottles doesn't come out unless you hold the bottle upside down for at least one hour." 4% of 32oz is 1.3oz. You'd have to stop pouring pretty quick to leave behind over an ounce. I like the idea, but I don't think they needed to resort to exaggerations like that to sell it.
It's a nice gadget if you do a high volume of oil changes and still use bottles. For the DIYer it may be overkill - or as I like to call it, "A solution in search of a problem". I simply take my used bottles to the basement, drain one bottle into another overnight, and repeat until all bottles are drained. I don't need more gadgets in my garage. I'm amazed at how much oil is left over in bottles from the average DIYer. A lot of guys at work change their oil in the shop. When I look in the garbage cans I see bottles that still have lots of oil left over. In industry this term is called "clingage loss".
Nice, but I use the two bottle caps glued together with a hole drilled through it. I can get at least 4 ounces out of six empties.
How thick of oil are you guys using? Even in my December oil changes, the 5W-30 Pennzoil bottle is mostly empty by the time I putz around with some of the other things I feel constitute an oil change such as inspecting CV boots, squirting silicone spray on everything that moves, etc. Of course, I lay them down even over night, and mange to spill much of the last drops of oil I recover.
Nifty. I've been doing this for a few years. I currently have over 1/2 qt built up:) I recently bought the "ketchup saver". It works great for 1 bottle at a time. The Ketchup Saver has differnt sizes of threads, so you can even drain a 5qt jug into a 1qt.
I think clingage is why Castrol Syntec uses the big caps on their bottles. After pouring, I put the cap back on and stand it upside down. The next day I have exactly one cap full of oil. I just take it off while holding the bottle upside down and pour it out of the cap into the motor. Never measured how much a cap holds, but it's probably a couple of tablespoons.
My ketchup saver idea might work with oil bottles. I put the near empty ketchup bottle neck down in a strong bag (empty bread bag should work) and then centrifuge it. Really clears the bottle nicely. My mother's ketchup saver method would not work well for motor oil. She would put some water in the bottle and shake it. You bet the kid who got the watery ketchup was not happy.
Nice idea, but not for me. I set my liter container inside the funnel, and I leave it there for about 4-5 minutes while I clean up my tools and what not. So I know that I get every ounce from my bottles, and what oil is still left behind is so minimal that I won't live long enough to fill even a 1/2 a liter! Darryl [Cheers!]
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