A great experience at O'Reilly Auto Parts

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Aug 10, 2005
Kansas City
Went to O'Reilly's today to get a can of Duplicolor spray touchup paint for my scuffed rear bumper.. They did not stock the part# I needed. A clerk named Scott called the main office in this area in Springfield,MO and they were willing to fill a aerosol can with the correct paint for me on a spec order basis. Talk about great service..Never heard of this service before anywhere.. Well the story gets even better. About two hours later they call me at home to tell me that they found the Duplicolor paint in a warehouse here in KC and they cancelled the spec order and gave me a refund for the paint. They lost $15 in sales to make a customer happy.. Well I spent the refund on a new air filter. Their store brand is Micro-Guard and is made by Purolater. I will be a customer for life due to this good service. Let' all support these folks, they are good eggs.
Local NAPA store has done custom paint cans for years. Also Sherwin Williams automotive paint store. Things are REALLY expensive, but sure beats air compressor, drier, spray gun for a tiny spot. Buy commercially form O Reilly. Slways been very acomadating. Bob
I agree their customer service is excellent. My local O'Reillys seems to have items in stock that their local competitors don't. And if they don't, they can get them quickly. I needed some parts for a service van and two other parts stores told me the wait for a special order was a week. O'Reillys got me the parts that afternoon transferred from other stores. O'Reillys is the furthest parts store from me but if I need something today, I go to them first.
O'Reilly has always been fair, and good at Customer Satisfaction. The local "O" has professional staff, and, at least with my dealing with them, has the customer first in their minds. The head office is located in Springfield, Mo., and, generally speaking, folks from that area are kind, and cordial. Nice to see that extends throughout that organization. Also, hard to beat that oil change special they run about every other month.. 5 quarts and a MicroGard for 8.99... [image]http://www.oreillyauto.com/EW3/GetUpload?id=whatsHot_HomePage0.jpg[/image]
I have used Bean Oil,in my dirt bike,my friends complained abou thire eyes burning,so i road last,National forest,Texas,about 1974 Yikes
I used to only go to them for anything custom but more and more i'll go there for about everything. Poor customer service at the AA in our neighborhood and the dipsticks at Autozone has a little to do it also. I have 2 friends that work at the main Springfield office.. used to get discounts when I lived in Springfield.
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