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Jun 27, 2004
Hello everyone! I am new to the forum and i'm overwhelmed with all the information here, so much to learn! I have tried doing some searches but they either seem to be a little to technical for what i am looking for, or just dont contain the right info. I just rebuilt my Chevy 250 l6 engine. From what i have heard, synth "works too good" for break in so you should use dino oil. With so many oils on the market, what would you guys reccomend for the break in lube? From what i have read here so far, gm engine oil supplement would be a good idea for it's moly content for first firing/cam break in and maybe through first few oil changes. Then later i would like to run synthetic because i dont think leaking will be a problem with all brand new seals
. So, what i need is some reccomendations for a good dino break in oil and a good synthetic to switch to after break in. This will be in my '66 Chevy BelAir and i'm in ohio if the climate matters. Also will run a 180degree thermostat. Thank you so much for your time and i look forward to learning alot from you guys.
I figured as much, i was just wonder what the best i can get for it is. I abused the heck out of this car for years but now it's finally getting some love with the rebuild and all the work im doin on it. I'd just like to use nothing but the best on my "baby" lol =)Thanks
If using a conventional, a 5w30 would work well in the winter, and 10w30 in the summer. If you are using a good synthetic, then you can probably use a 10w30 year round.
You should fill up with 5w30 in your favorite brand, drive for 5000 miles or 3 months and get an used oil analysis.
That would reduce the confusion. When you post the UOA results the experienced members here will have info they need to help you decide.
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