A few questions.

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Oct 21, 2002
Hey guys....I'm brand new to this site and just register because I like what I see. Lots of very good info.
I already know a couple of guys from LS1.com (patman and vader), so I don't feel too lonely.

Anyway, I wanted your opinions on a couple of things:

- SuperTech....this oil is sold at Walmart. Is this any good? Has anybody ever tried it? Analysis? They have conventional and "100% Synthetic" (notice my quotes)

- I know there is a forum for filters, but I don't want to forget the questions while I write another thread---- I saw a post about Accel's new Kool Blue filters. Does anyone have any feed back to prove they are better than K&N? Should I get mine out and put a paper one in? You people scared the crap out of me when I read your posts (especially that K&N pic with holes of 625 microns)
Accel claims it filters down to 2.8 microns (which is probably crock)(I did feel a nice SOTP and even leaned me out temporarily)

I had more questions, but I forgot them
; I guess I'll just add to this post when I remember.

Thanks for your help and patience.

Glad to see more and more of my LS1 buddies coming over here!

There has only been one oil analysis on here of Supertech synthetic and it looked pretty decent. I wouldn't mind seeing another one, especially in an LS1, so if you want to be the guinea pig, by all means go for it!
Hey Patman....is it really a Synthetic or fake like castrol Syntech?

About the guinea pig thing...you can tell that to my wife. I want to try it for her 03 Corolla. My 02 LS1 will run Mobil 1 (I hope she doesn't see this or I'm as good as dead)
It's a fake as well. Just like Syntec, it uses a group three base oil. But unlike Syntec, it's priced lower. Group three oils aren't typically all bad, just WAY OVERPRICED!

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