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Jan 12, 2003
Ive been reading the boards for hours tonight, and ive still got some quesions.

1. In the Chat Room hosted by this site a few days ago, 15w-40 was suggested to me for my 6.6L Trans Am. 67k Miles, and it doesnt burn oil to my knowledge. This is a Summer Only car. The plan was to use this oil with an AC delco filter, and change it every spring.
a . I would like an Unbiased opinion on why Delvac 1300S is better than Delo 400. Or Vice Versa. I dont want to hear about any other oils besides those 2 please

2. At 5k miles, Im plannin on switching my dads 4.0L V6 '034Runner to Synthetic. It calls for 5w-30 year round.
a . Would using Delvac1 5w-40 be a bad Idea, since its against Warranty?
b .How long could I go per change with said 5w40 oil, with Toyota oil filter.
c . If I use 5w30 TriSynthetic, how long should I go per oil change using Toyota Oil Filter.
1) Delvac has moly if you like Moly. Delo doesn't.

2) You should get an analysis after 4K to better make a decision.

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What kind of car do you have?


Guess you couldn't fit the engine specs into the name?
For the Toyota under warranty, I'd stay within the warranty "recommendations." If you're going to use Mobil 1 (old TriSyn or the current SuperSyn), I'd use 10W-30 and the max mileage listed in the owner's manual, except 5w-30 in your Maine winter. (Isn't 10W-30 listed as an optional oil?)

It's unlikely but if there's a warranty claim, why ask for hassle by using a non-recommended oil viscosity and non-recommended oil drain interval?


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Well, the manual says that 10w-30 can be substituted, but 5w-30 should be used again at next oil change. Or something like that. And if I used 10w-30, I guess technically thats going against factory reccomendations. So I might has well be using 5w-40.

Thanks for the input so far, Keep it up!

Originally posted by Ken2:
For the Toyota under warranty, I'd stay within the warranty "recommendations." ...

I agree. I think if you're using any premium full synthetic (such as Amsoil or Mobil products) then you can safely use the maximum recommended change interval, but I wouldn't go beyond that unless you're willing to:
1) establish regular UOA intervals (proving the oil's validity),
& 2) go to court to defend yourself should a warranty denial come up.
C'mon, I know you people have opinions

Is there certain advantages to SS compared to D1. I know that D1 has better additive packages.
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