A blonde,brunette and a red head

are out for an excursion that will last several days and cover various areas.After several days of green and lush forests and grasslands,the three come to a desert area.As they rest up for the next part of their adventure,they must decide what will be the most important thing that they can take with them as they cross the hot,barren desert.The three agree to meet at seven am the next morning to start their desert adventure.They remind each other that they can only take a few items and that they must not forget to take what they consider the most important. At seven am the next morning,the three meet.Each one has their most important item and tell one another what it is and why they are bringing it along. The brunette says that she is bringing as much water as she can.She thinks that the desert being so hot,will make her need more water to drink and to help keep her cool. The red head decided that she would bring a large bag of trail mix.She figures whe will need all of the enrgy she can get during her desert adventure. The blonde,responding with somewhat of a sneer, says,I am bringing a car door. The brunette and the red head both exclaim, "Your brining a car door? Why?" The blonde responds saying,"I am bringing it in case it gets to hot for me,if it does,I will roll the window down to stay cool." [ July 19, 2004, 06:37 PM: Message edited by: motorguy222 ]