A 5W40 oil for Buster

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If I had no other choice than to use one engine oil year round in all manner of weather, I think I would select Exxon's (Esso in Canada) XD-3 0W40. Why? It is API CI-4/SL, and also beats the above 76 stuff at both ends of the temperature scale. edit: Besides to stay on topic, Buster thinks he needs some sort of exotic PAO or ester engine oil, which XD-3 is a blend of, and 76 may not be. [ December 26, 2003, 10:08 PM: Message edited by: userfriendly ]
[Big Grin] I'm not having a hard time picking an oil, I'm just playing around with it. It doesn't matter what oil I use. A good grp III is fine for a high mileage car like mine. It's just a game. I'd use something like this if I could find it. Where do you guys get all these different brands from? [Big Grin] [Cheers!] 5w-40's are a nice viscosity IMO. [ December 26, 2003, 10:26 PM: Message edited by: buster ]
Buster, Will you drain your current oil prematurely to get M1 racing formulation in the crankcase when it finally hits the streets? I suspect the anticipation of waiting for M1-R is driving you crazy. [Cheers!]
I suspect the anticipation of waiting for M1-R is driving you crazy
[LOL!] No, I'm not even sure if I'll run it. With the amount of miles on my car, I'm more interested in the 5w-40 SUV oil right now. It's over kill for my car. For my next car, if the oil lives up to the hype I've given it, you bet I'll be using it. I just put new spark plugs in and I'd like to make them last so I'm trying to cut my consumption down which right now is 1qt per 3k miles. Not too bad. [Smile] [ December 26, 2003, 10:37 PM: Message edited by: buster ]
I havn't seen that oil around sprintman, but thanks for the suggestion. Delvac 1 is also hard to get. Have to mail order that one as well.
I also wish I could see more of these 5w-40's. here in town I cant get a single one off the shelf, not at walmart, autozone or pep boys. Before GC and M1 0w-40 times i would drive to the valvoline distributor for the 5w-40 SynPower and buy several cases each time. Fred... [Smile]
Buster Delvac 1 isnt THAT hard to get, every Flying J truck stop carries it. Im not sure it they have any of those in Jersey though. I took a trip from NC to MO and every one along the way carried it. See if you have any in your area! P.S. They want $30 for a gallon of it. [ December 27, 2003, 01:07 AM: Message edited by: Jason8691 ]
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