99 Z71 won't start on the 1st try

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Jun 4, 2003
My truck (1999 Chev 1500 5.3) will not start on the 1st try, but the 2nd try to does start with help with some gas. Sounds like to a fuel pressure thing to me. Any ideas guys?? I replaced the fuel filter about 5k miles ago. It started about 100 miles after i put MMO in my gas tank.



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I think it's bc of Mobil 1.
Marvel oil won't do damage ,is there pressure in the fuel rail after the motor sits for a while? that is what I would check if I knew anything.
Try turning the key to the on position for a few seconds before you bump the ingition. Listen for the fuel pump. Then bump the ingition and see if it starts on the first try.
You may have changed the fuel filter, but the fuel pump screen can still be clogged/partially clogged. See if the following makes a difference..
At the first startup, turn the key to the on position(not start), and see if you hear the pump building up pressure. You normally can hear the pump for a few seconds and then it stops. Try cranking it at that point and see if it helps. If that makes a difference it sounds like it takes a second to build up pressure.
Otherwise it sounds more like normal time for a tuneup.

I just read the post just above.....sounds like we have the same idea..

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