99 Tacoma 3.4L V6, 169K miles, recommendations?

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Apr 1, 2006
SW Indiana
Hi all...long time member, but I've been away for a while busy with too many other things. Thought I'd chime back in and get some advice.

I just bought a used 99 Toyota Tacoma SR5 ext cab with the 3.4L V6, std tranny, 4wd. It won't be a daily driver, just weekend work, occasional trips to town and work, nothing too heavy.

First off, what oil and filter combo would you recommend? I've been using PP 5W-20 on my newer vehicles, but this one being older is going for 5W-30 to 10W-30. I don't know what it has in it at present. I used TropArtic 5W-30 on my older Nissan Frontier, but it was a 4cyl.

Also, does anyone have any information in general about this engine? Quality, reliability, known issues, recommendations, hidden benefits? Also good reading sources and places to research are welcome.

Thanks and it's good to be back in the foal!
Good to see you again, Lou!

3.4 Toyo's are very easy on oil. Any 5W/10W-30 will work well in it. If you 'liked' the T/A 5W-30 or can get it easily, I'd go with that. As for filters, folks here seem to like the Toyota filters.
As a former Toyota Technician I can tell you the 3.4 is one of the best engines out there, does not get great mpg but its hard to kill and will take a lot of beatings, also easy to work on, one of the easier timing belt/water pump jobs.
i love my 3.4 taco.... the main thing with them is two things engine wise. dont over heat it and change the air filter every 8-15k miles no more!

i have been using synthetics for 60K+ miles. with purolator filters and no issues here though i have no UOA's to support it..

one other main thing for you to do since you are just now buying this used truck is the following

a. change the tranny fluid. you can do this by doing a few drain and fills or just an over all flush

b. go ahead and change the diffy oils as well.

personnaly i would change what i could like plugs, pcv, clean the intake, change the fuel filter, flush the radiator.. that kind of miles with no history is shady at best so get to work.. [censored] good trucks but you have to take care of them
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