99 Pontiac GTP What oil would you run?????

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Aug 22, 2003
I was using M1 10W30 and wanted to try the Chevron Sup. 10W30 conventional oil..no problems but was thinking of the GC but I'm worried about it being too thin [I dont know] Again maybe I'm wrong, it's just the 0W thing. Well any input would be great [Smile] Right now all I have is CAI with summer future mods of 3.4, colder plugs, DHP, colder thermostat, possibly new downpipe, oh yeah remove that ubend of course. There might be more but right now I'm [freaknout]
I think GC 0w30 would work very well in the GTP, and like SBC said, it's thicker at operating temperature than Mobil 1 10w30 is, but yet it's going to flow much better in the cold. Amsoil 0w30 or 5w30 would work very well in this engine too, or Redline 5w30. PS-you'll love the 3.4 pulley when you get it put on. My 97 GTP with just the 3.4 pulley and a custom 9" cone air filter ran a best ET of 13.78 at 100mph. Mustang owners got the shock of their life when my 4 door "bone stock looking" GTP would pull away from them at the dragstrip. [Smile] [ November 29, 2003, 04:24 PM: Message edited by: Patman ]
Thanks for the replys. I know that it's thicker at operating temp. but what about those first start ups in the morning(will there be noise because of the 0W compared to the 10W) I know if the engine already has to have problems to have noise and a thicker oil would mask it but right now I don't have any noise with the M1 or the Chevron. Again I like to try different flavors with my oils [Smile] (If possible I would like to stick with oils that I can get over the counter. I'm not too much into ordering oil through the mail.) Patman I thought you have one just couldn't remember which generation of one. What oil did you run in ti during the summer/winter. BTW do you hang at the clubGP forum? [Confused]
I don't think there would be more noise on startup, because the 0w30 Castrol actually has a thicker viscosity at 40C than Mobil 1 10w30, but when it's much colder out, that's when it's going to flow better. When I had my GTP I ran M1 5w30 in winter, and 10w30 the rest of the time. I ran 5k intervals, but no UOAs back then. I used to hang out at ClubGP a lot, but stopped going there shortly after I sold my GTP. Say hi to everyone there for me! (I'm sure they'll remember me, I had over 2000 posts there)
I run 10W-30 Mobil 1 in my wife's 98 GP GT non supercharged with no problems for the last 60,000 miles. UOA's have been good for 5,000 mile changes. I'm thinking of swithing to Chevron Supreme conventional after my Mobil 1 supply is gone.
I switched to Mobil 1 10w30 from whatever was in our 2000 GTP we bought last Summer. The engine is not super-noisy now, but is definitely noisier than before. However, the oil is very clean after almost 3000 miles. I ran a Wix filter with the oil change. I've never seen oil this clean in any of my vehicles after that many miles. I'm going to run a qt. of 15w50 next time I change the oil to see how it helps the noise. I might try something else if that doesn't help the noise to my satisfaction. Where do you find M1 0W40? [ November 30, 2003, 02:40 AM: Message edited by: Racerjk ]
I'm running GC in my GP right now, and it seems to like it just fine, although I haven't done a UOA. It starts quite a bit easier and from what I've read here is thicker than many 30 weights, which the 3800 likes quite a bit.
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