99 f150 v6

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Sep 23, 2004
Just thought Id share with you guys that this truck came into the shop I work at today and this is the 4.2 v6 model. It had 355k on it and the guy said the motor had not been touched and the only thing done to it was 2 clutches and slave cylinders. He also said that he changes his oil every 15k!!!!!! The oil we use is Mobil 10w30 bulk. I doubt he brings it to us everytime but going that many miles on different dino oils seems kind of far fetched. He also said that he changes it every 15k because someone told him that if you change it to often it will cause leaks due to sludge buildup. I said that if he had changed it often from the begining that he wouldnt have to worry about that. According to him this is all stop and go driving and is a work truck. What do you guys think?
I don't trust hearsay on what oil was used in that vehicle or the length of each OCI. Saying this vehicle sees all city driving is really far-fetched. That means it has seen at least 50K annually. That's a whole-lot of traffic lights this F150 has been sitting at. Figuring 30 seconds for each one .... well I don;t know how anyone could accumulate 50K in the city of Detroit working 8-9-10 hours six days a week.
somethin doesn't sound right here. 50k annually all highway I would believe but like triple mentioned.. city driving is hard to accumulate 50k/yr unless this truck was driving 16 hours a day.
I do find it VERY hard to believe for city driving mileage to have accrude that fast. We have an '85 Toyota P-up that has now hit 280k miles, primarily, I'd say 97% all city mileage. It's used for working home construction/building - averaging 2,100 - 2,200 miles per month. It did take a good 4yr break of only being driven once or twice a month, but still this truck was used daily for an average of 100 miles for at least the last 11yrs, we've owned it for 15yrs. I don't see how a '99 city truck could have that many miles so soon. I have another truck that sees a lot of touring, traveling as well as daily driving, and it's a '97 with only 150k miles. And I mean it does a LOT of little day trips as well as 300-500 mile trips easily several times a year, along with a 25 mile daily commute. I could definitely believe it if it were all highway, but if this guy's doing city driving with every 15k OCI's, I feel bad for that engine.
355,000 would work out to about 189 miles a day for 6 years, figuring six days a week. (312 days out of the year) 228 miles a day if you use 5 days a week.(260 days a year)
What does a taxi accumulate in that frame of time? Surely this vehicle could be employed in like useage (parts or other delivery over a city wide customer base). It would surely explain two clutches. Under that type of service, it would mean 4 month (approx.) OCI's ..mostly under warmed up conditions. Would I recommend it? No. Is it possible? Absolutely.
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