'99 Durango - Oil ideas?

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Feb 3, 2004
SLC, Utah
I have read the these motors are prone to sludging. I have the 5.9 with 80,000 miles on it, I have been using Penzoil 10w30 and changing it every 3K to 4K. I am considering what oil would be a good fit to keep the sludging to a minumum and considering a High Milage or synthitic. I am in Utah so it's cold in the winter and gets up to about a 100 in the summer. Thanks, Jeff
What you are doing will make the motor last a long time. You could switch to M1 or Amsoil 5 or 10W30 and stretch to OCI's on out to 7500 miles or more easy.
Pennzoil @ 3k to 4K should not cause any sludging! I thought this issue was mostly raised with some of the newer 4.7L? engines?? I wouldn't change my routine based on this alone. I know a Chrysler Tech that is trying to track down this issue.
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