98 Infiniti Qx4 Oil Flush???

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Feb 9, 2006
So I have had about 4,000 on this oil change so far, need to change it a bit over due, but want to do some sorta quick flush that will give it a good clean, but nothing major like harsh stuff, just somthing simple easy. Somthing I can put in before I change or even just run for a bit and re change my oil any ideas? Sugestions??? Car was owned before me but WELL taken care of and just hit 100,000 miles.
ARX isn't a quick flush.

If you have a good OCI history of every 4k or less, then just use any over the counter products.
Follow the directions on the bottle which typically follow these rule: use only on completely cold engine, do not drive vehicle, run for only 5-15 minutes(idle or higher idle) with no load, and then change oil and filter. Goldeagle/gunk/lubegard/amsoil are some to try.
Or just use a pint of kerosene the same way!
I have a 2002 QX4 and just finished an Auto-Rx cycle. I normally go 7,500 miles between changes on Mobil 1 5W-30 or, more recently, Shell Rotella T 5W-40. Aside from an intake leak I'm trying to seal, the oils have been in fine shape, even after a year of service.

So, my point is that, assuming you have no mechanical issues (fuel dilution, coolant leaks, etc.) and that the current fill is a reputable oil, you can easily add the Auto-Rx to your current fill, change the oil filter, and drive an additional 1,500 miles without danger.

Of course, a good inexpensive 5W-30 oil like Chevron Supreme/Havoline isn't much more than a buck a quart, so it wouldn't hurt to do an oil and filter change and run the Auto-Rx for 1,500 miles, either. This is probably the safest plan, especially if you aren't 100% sure that the engine is without issue.

I have a '01 pathfinder about 81K miles - no leaks, not burning any oil either. I have faith in the ARX, will be using it soon myself...
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