98 ford explorer oil issues

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Jul 15, 2003
Hi guys, I am the owner of the 98 explorer that is on the message board.
I had my friend post it because I had not registered yet, and could not post it my self.
I would appreciate you expert opinions about switching from dino oil, and if I do, what is your recommendation to which oil I should use.
I do not make the same money that my friend does,
however I already use havoline 10w-30 synthetic in my wifes 98 ford explorer but I am considering
switching back because I had some raddling between oil changes upon startup, so I changed the oil and added a bottle of CD-2 and it has not made the noise since.
If you could advise me, I would appreciate any and all of your comments.
Hi There. I also own an Explorer, I have the 4.0 OHV engine though. When you say rattling, I've seen this happen on Ford motors from time to time. What oil filter are you running? It's my opinion that Ford engines work best with Motorcraft filters, Ford designs the filters so the anti-drainback valve is in the proper position. Many filters don't have the valve in the correct location to meet Ford Specs.

You should be fine running synthetic. The Halvoline mentioned in the other post is a Group III "synthetic". Basically, it's not a real PAO, it's simply highly refined crude oil. I'd go with a real PAO Group IV oil like Mobil 1. You can switch from Synthetic to Dino, and Dino to Synthetic with no trouble, so no need to worry about that.

Good luck with your X!

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Hey Brad,
I appreciate your input about the decision I have to make. do you or other oil guys think it alright to use the motorcraft filter with the synthetic oil that you recommended.
I've been told by the auto parts stores that if you use synthetic oil, you have to use a filter that has synthetic fibers and/or made for synthetic oils.
I've also heard that synthetic blends are junk.
I guess my biggest problem is that, if the oil is not going to help the life of my engine, and give me more miles between changes, then why spend the extra money.
I would appeciate yours and all replies.
Who ever told you that you need to run a synthetic fiber media filter with synthetic oil is simply incorrect. That is NOT the case. I run Motorcraft filters with Mobil 1 in my Lincoln Town Car and it's just fine.

Many of the synthetic blends are not worth the $$$$, I agree. That's why I typically run Mobil 1. It's a "real" synthetic, and is locally available. Running a real synthetic oil like Mobil 1 will give you more miles inbetween changes, might give you a slight boost in gas mileage, and less wear. Mobil 1 can go 5,000 change intervals with ease.

Good Luck!

One of the best moves you made was querying the guys (any gals?) that frequent this board. Their advice is far better than most auto store personnel you'll talk to because, if I am learning one thing, it is that most "automotive experts" (this board excepted) do not REALLY understand lubrication and go on heresay (you know, like, "I heard Umptifratz oil sludges up engines," and "More ASE certified mechanics...." Listen to the guys HERE and not the hype and the heresay!
My towing van is a 97 Aerostar AWD 4.0L ohv. I have used Synergyn and Mobil 1oil with K&Nor Motorcraft filters since new. I am currently trying Mobil 1 0w-40 with a Bosch filter. So far so good. Quiet on start up, smooth running. MPG seems about the same as 5W-30.

Next up Castrol German 0W-30

BTW the old girl has well over 180,000 miles and does not use any oil (I know, noticable)
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