98 CVPI - how's this plan?

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May 4, 2004
98 Crown Vic Police Interceptor. Bought at auction w/98K miles, currently at 114K. Car came with complete records, oil changes done every 5K since new - no mention of brands used on receipts. Car does have an oil cooler. Car runs great, fast, but does like an extra quart every 1500 miles. No smoke. Oil cooler lines do leak, but not enough to ever land even a drop on the driveway. Engine looks shiny inside the oil cap area. Currently use the SuperTech filter and Quaker State 5-30 in the winter, 10-30 summer. Changes done every 3K. Located in the South. After reading these forums, it doesnt seem like the Quaker State is thought of all too highly. It certainly is priced higher than many. That said, I think next change I will try the 10-30 SuperTech Hi Mileage Synth Blend. It's $.50 cheaper, and probably at least as good, if not better oil. Basically, I dont want to spend more, and if I can get something better for less, I'm all for that. Even better if it can help with the consumption issue. I consider this car my beater, so I dont mind experiments. Does this sound ok?
why not use an HDEO like Delvac 1300, Penzoil Long Life or Chevron Delo 400? All are 15w-40 and fine for summer use, may slow your consumption and help clean your engine and reduce deposits better than a normal passenger car motor oil.
He's just got the leaky oil cooler line problem. It's either the line itself or the O rings at the end of it. $150 for the lines and $8 for O rings. Sounds like a good plan. Maybe do a UOA or two just for fun. I've got a 98 PI too. =)
I replaced the o-rings, but it still looks like a little is getting by, or maybe the connector itself is bad - really need to investigate it further to know for sure. I really dont think the lines are the entire cause of 1Q/1500, since the leak never seems to make it to the ground. BTW, what does HDEO mean? Thanks.
Heavy Duty Engine Oil. It's not really a technical term, more or less it's a marketing term. But all HDEO's perform quite well. They are designed to not only work in gas engines, but perform very well in high stress diesel applications and fleet use.
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