97 Honda Accord automatic at 137,000 miles

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Jan 21, 2003
Elizabeth City NC
Well I think my transmission is doing great at 137,000 miles. This fluid has about 24,000 on 94% and probably 137,000 on the rest. I bought the car at 113,500 and the fluid looked like it was never changed ie no color etc. I quickly changed it 4 times with honda z1 fluid. This is the LX 2.2 4 cylinder aluminum 8 chromium 0 iron 51 copper 10 lead 1 tin 1 moly 1 nickle 0 manganese0 silver 0 titanium 0 potassium 1 boron 228 silicon 5 sodium 2 calcum 390 magnesium 199 phosphorus 26 zinc 324 barium 0 viscosity at 210 45.9 flashpoint 350 water 0 insolubles trace Blackstone labs did the test. What do you think?
Can anybody tell me if the problems with late model Honda automatic transmissions can be averted by changing ATF regularly? My 01' Accord has the extended warranty to 100K because of problems with the A/T (carrier bearing problem I believe). Some have suggested to beat it up and not change the fluid so that Honda will replace it under warranty. I am of the thought that if I change the ATF every 20K I can avoid the problem. Any ideas?
I think the problem with the 98-01 transmissions was a design error. While frequent fluid changes will help extend the useful life of the transmssion before repairs are necessary, it is not a permanent fix for the problem. I think your Honda Dealer is probably the best place for advise on this.
The iron looks really high. Does this A/T have the magnetic drain plug? Was it cleaned when you did the 4 drain & refills? Everything else looks really good.
It was cleaned each time. I guess Iron builds up fairly quickly ie 24,000-30,000 should be the limit for a change. I figure we get almost half the fluid out at a change so the iron level after this change starts out at about 25ppm.
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