'96 Sable Vulcan Fan Constant On Kill Battery

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Jan 3, 2004
northern Alabama
1996 Mercury Sable with the Vulcan 12-valve OHV 'U' engine had a dead battery last night. The battery was run down by the fan running constantly. I assume this is a failed relay that needs to be replaced. Would it be the cooling fan controller relay? How do I determine for certain before replacing parts at $175 a whack.
Probably the cooling fan thermal switch that signals the relay... Relays hardly ever go bad.

Disconnect the fan from the switch to test.
I am fairly certain it is actually triggered by the ECM based on Coolant temperature, so I would pull the relay and test it. It should be marked in the owners manual (if you have that).
I would agree with you but I don't think it was this way in '96. Not a Ford guy though...

Also if the ECU is turning the fan on via the relay, either the ECU is bad (rare) or the temperature sensor is feeding the ECU bad information. Highly unlikely it's the relay IMO.
Originally Posted By: StevieC
I would agree with you but I don't think it was this way in '96.

It was, and the '96 (I'm pretty sure) used a CCRM module which has the fan relay inside.
Just something to keep in mind: A bad/fried/shorted driver in the PCM will cause the same symptom. It might not be a bad idea to remove the PCM connector for a second and see if that shuts your fan off. Just a thought.
Is the CCRM the same thing as the cooling fan control relay ($164 on RockAuto - Four Season p/n 37514)? Or, is it the control module relay ($120 on RockAuto - ACDelco reman p/n F1728A)?

How do I test to determine what is wrong? I don't have the factory service manual.
I just looked this part up on RockAuto, I do not know about the part that is listed as Control Module Relay as they don't show a picture for it......on the Mercury Sable OR the Ford Windstar for 1996.
However, when I scroll down to Powertrain Control Module Relay, they show a picture....and that is the CCRM.
These are both under Switch/relay

Under Cooling system, the Cooling Fan Controller lists a picture that also matches my CCRM.

I have replaced this part on my '96 windstar.....so I recognize it.

The windstar an sable are very similar......the CCRM contains the Fuel pump relay, Radiator Low speed fan relay, the Radiator High speed fan relays.

I looked up the "Cooling Fan Controller" in the Alldatadiy manual for my '96 windstar, and it is the CCRM.
They also list the same part as "Integrated Control Relay Module"

Y2K Ford sells parts at a discount......they list the CCRM at $97.14 (vs list of $140), they call it "ECM Relay", I bought mine from them....and it was the correct part.

However, when I look under 1996 Mercury Sable, they don't list the ECM relay. I would recommend giving them a call or send them a email and ask if the windstar CCRM (ECM relay) is the same as the one used in your 1996 Sable.....as you may be able to get genuine OEM for less money.
They have a provision for asking right from their website.

Wouldn't it be nice if they stuck to the same name?
I have called a local Ford & a local Lincoln/Mercury dealership. They both gave me p/n F65Z12B577AA. Their system list it as the PCM (powertrain control module). One place quoted me $187.40 & the other $204.27 neither in stock. Rockauto has it at $195 plus shipping. I've contacted Y2K Ford this morning. We'll see what they have to say.

The question still remains - how do I know for sure this part is the problem?
Y2K Ford has the part for $130 plus $14 S&H. I would pay $14 in tax if bought at the local dealership. Therefore, it saves $57. BTW, the correct p/n is F6SZ12B577AA. I'll call some junkyards today.
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