'96 Lincoln - Switch to Zerex G-05 ?

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Nov 30, 2008
I've got a '96 Lincoln Town Car with 65,000 miles on it. The antifreeze is green but I have no idea which green is actually in there. I bought the car used about 8 months ago and now I want to put fresh coolant in for the summer. Should I just do a thorough flush of the system and switch over to Zerex G-05? I just want whatever is best and safest for my car long term. Any risk in switching the car over to G-05? If it's best to stay green is Peak Global Lifetime the best there is for my car? Thanks
If you don't mind changing the green coolant every few years there is no reason to switch, just use "conventional" green coolant. Most auto parts stores have a store brand antifreeze that will do the job. If you wanted to switch to the yellow G-05, you would need to flush the cooling system really well and refill with the yellow. Ford has a nice coolant usage chart with more information on the service intervals: http://www.fcsdchemicalsandlubricants.com/dealer/quickref/scuc.pdf
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If you wanted to switch to the yellow G-05, you would need to flush the cooling system really well and refill with the yellow.
Well, I have a pinging issue in my 4.6 so I was going to flush it really well anyway. Given that circumstance it might just be a great time to switch to G-05. I just wasn't sure if changing over could cause me any problems?
Zerex used to have a neat pdf coolant application chart. Appears to be broken or they are changing what they have in the chart. Don't think G-05 would hurt but I'm not sure it would work better than original green. G-05 might last longer. Original green is getting very hard to find, perhaps harder than Peak GL. Zerex Coolant
The only reason I want to switch over to the G-05 is for the ease of replacement in the future. The Hunt for Green October is probably going to get worse. Global life, extended life, low life who has time to guess what the product contains? I'd love just knowing I need G-05. Regardless of color.
Don't some of Chrysler's cars use a G-05 equivalent? Is it exactly the same spec'd stuff? Some of those unfortunate dealerships, that must close, might be blowing stuff out for less.
^ Can't say for sure, but if it's speced G-05, whether from Chrysler or Ford, it would meet the requirements for G-05. The car's not under warranty, so get it where you can get the best price. But, I would go with the full strength, otherwise you get half water. And, it's difficult to get the correct concentration in the system when you refill.
I just checked and it seems Mercedes, Chysler, Ford and Deere can all use Zerex G-05 coolant as a replacement. So they must all be interchangeable as well. Of course this only applies to their respective vehicles that use the non-green to begin with. Otherwise, as in my casem a full flush and changeover is required.
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ford list on VC-7B is currently 11.99
That is the full strength coolant not a 50/50 mix correct? It's nice to have the list price on hand when I start calling around for prices. 2 Gallons is all I need for my car after a vigorous Distilled water flush is that right? If I completely fill with DI water about 3 times, would that be sufficient prep for the switch to G-05. Thank you!
yes that is full strength. nowhere in a franchise agreement does it say that a dealer has to sell parts for list price btw. they can sell higher or lower, just to let you know there is not much markup on that whatsoever.
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