95 Passat VR6 5spd

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Mar 25, 2006
New Jersey - Shore
Hi everyone! I just spend couple hours reading this forum wich changed totally my opinion about engine and other oils. So after a few ours reading posts and researching the forum I decided to do the following: do an ARX cleaning cycle of the engine and the tranny. An then... I need some advice. I am planing to put M1 0W40 in the engine and SF MTL-R in the tranny, what do you guys think? Forgot the passat has 100k, I live in NJ the car has probably been ran on dino, not sure I bought it with 94k on the clock and it runs great, I just want it to last as long as possible as I am planning on keeping it for awhile.Also I am not into autocrossing or any other extreme things for the engine, plain 50/50 city/highway and I cruise around 75-80 on the parkway. Also one thing remains unclear to me - when adding ARX, do I put in the whole 5.7 of oil quarts my VR6 takes and THEN add the 12 oz ARX or oil+ARX=5.7 quarts?
First of all.....ARX..Good. I would recommend looking up GC for your car. I have a jetta vr6 and use GC. Just read and think about it. You will start to hear voices letting you know what to do.
Thanks Coop0129, I read your posts as I was doing a "VR6" search through the forum. How is your Jetta now, I read about the dear accident, hope you got it fixed already. I also have problems shifting early in the morning when it is cold and am planning to put SF's MTL-R, but I cannot find the capacity of the gearbox, so I don't know how much to order, can anyone help me with that? and about the GC, is 0W30 a good grade vor my VW? If it is, I would definetly put it in as so many peolple are praising it on this forum. I am aslo planing on putting sunoco 15w40 dino oil during the ARX treatment. it is specified as diesel oil but in my owners manual VW lists it as possible.
Originally posted by stick_shift: and about the GC, is 0W30 a good grade vor my VW? If it is, I would definetly put it in as so many peolple are praising it on this forum.
Yes, I'd try GC (only avail. as a 0W-30) or a 5W-40 (Castrol Syntec, Mobil 1, etc.) in your VR6.
Well, I have my Jetta back now. Thanks for asking. It is just as good as before the accident. I would highly recommend year round use of GC. Even though it is a 0w30, it is very thick and will not break down as fast as the 5w40. You will notice a difference in your vr6. As for the gearbox, right now I am not sure on the capacity, but I can find out and post it when I have an answer. I would also check out www.vwvortex.com. The forums on there have a lot of useful info about your vw.
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