'94 Cadillac w/LT1 parked 7 years ago for engine rattling noise.

Apr 27, 2010
Suburban Washington DC
7 years ago I had driven it 50 miles on the highway and when I got back to my storage lot to put it away, I hear a metallic rattling sound from the engine similar to marbles in a coffee can being shaken. Fast forward to this week when I start it for the first time in 7 years, and the sound is gone. Let it idle for 10 minutes, and nothing. Rev it, and no noise. I was going to drive it to a car show tomorrow, but after thinking of the possibilities that may have happened, I better not. I'm thinking the water pump impeller broke off. The noise before was just as it was about to break off, and the no noise now is because after 7 years it did break off. Does that make sense? I don't see any coolant leaks but that internal failure mode would't cause any. I put in a Cardone reman pump in 2003 so I shouldn't be too surprised. Will removing that front cover show for sure? What is it for anyway? There isn't anything serviceable under the cover, is there?

Water pump.JPG