93 F150

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Feb 17, 2007
West Coast Florida
This is for the Amsoil guys...site is not allowing me to look at fluid caps and specs

I am looking for info on a 1993 F150 with inline 6 / Manual Trans
Manual fluid type and capacity
Diff type and capacity (will I need friction modifier?)

Manual trans should be the M5OD and it take Mercon ATF 7.6 pints.
Diferential is a 8.8 and it take about 2 quarts of Fluid, you can use 75w90, 80w90 or 75w140. If it is a traction-lok rear then it will need FM, If not then you are good to go. If you are not sure you can tell when you remove the diff cover. In the center of the carrier if it is TL it will have an S-shaped clip in the middle, if not then you have an open diff.
thanks picked this up for my boy, he is 15 and wanted him to drive something old instead of his mom and dad's new stuff. It looks like it is in decent mechanical state, single owner with about 180k (need to work on the speedo too) bullet proof 300 inline with a 5 speed....paid $1500

Went to auto parts store and bought a haynes manual, tossed it on the counter and said here is your reading for the next few months...also this will be the best memory and worst nightmare of vehicle you'll ever have!
If the unit has a posi do I still need to add friction modifier? Amsoil states you don't have too..just if there is chatter.
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