91 Accord Time for oil change - here are my facts

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Mar 14, 2003
I am driving around in a 91 Accord with 80k miles. Engine runs like new, but the body has extensive rust and the exterior is in rough shape. The car experienced harsh midwest winters with the original owner. Prior to my last car being totaled in an accident, I purchased 3 bottles of Auto RX and I have two bottles remaining in my inventory. The previous owner of my car informed me that the car sat for about 18 months 2 years ago. My oil inventory consists of 16 quarts of "Car and Driver" 10w30 I purchased on clearance from target 2 years ago for $.50 QT...I just couldn't resist the price. In addition, I have 4 qts of Mobil 1 10w30 and two SUpertech oil filters. I plan on keeping this vehicle "until it needs a major repair". The previous owner had Valvoline all climate and a carquest filter in it which now has 3800 miles, so i will need to change it relatively soon. Should I use the auto RX on this clunker or wait till I get a new car whenever that may be. Is it safe to use the Mobil 1 and then switch over to the generic car and driver oil? I'd like to run 5000-7500 OCI on the generic brand oil. Is that OK...I suspect the rusted out body will fall apart before the engine seizes. Let's debate what I should do with this clunker given the facts above. If the body was as good as the engine...I could get 10 more years out of this vehicle!
Look after it as you would if it were a new car, and it will be good to you!

I would change it right now and use up the C&D oil at 3K OCI's, then do an extended drain with the M1 and go from there. I haven't tried Auto-RX or anything similar yet, so I'll leave it to others to comment on that aspect.
I have a 91 honda accord and am on my second rinse cycle for it. My car has 157,000 on it and some minor body panel rust. The ARX has helped my car from vibrating so much at idle with the AC on. It also gained about 2MPG. I am using Havoline 10W30 though. I would say do a single ARX cycle and go from there. I also recomend flushing and filling the powersteering resevoir and changing the fuel filter. Good PM for these honda's. Good Luck, it is a rather good car for reliability though.
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