'90 Astro Van P/S high pressure hose?

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Apr 6, 2009
my high pressure hose? has a leak. how does this just happen and how do you know if it is a sign of something more..like bad pump or other problem. what should it cost to replace hose? had no symptoms just discovered low fluid when checking fluids put in fluid and noticed it leaking, a lot. dropped it off at mechanic, he said high pressure hose leak. how do i make sure i don't get taken for a ride as i'm not mechanically informed.
A bad hose does not indicate other problems. If they are there, there is no connection. Age, heat, oxidation, movement, etc, can make a rubber hose deteriorate and leak. End seals may become leaky, as well. However, a good flush at this time is wise.
just got a call from mechanic. gonna cost me $113. so iguess this is a fair price.
getting the high pressure hose replaced..isn't that gonna flush as the fluid will have to be replaced? it was leaking big time. how much fluid is in this system?
There is less than two quarts of fluid in the system. While there is mostly new fluid in the system because of the leak, a flush is still advisable if you plan on keeping the van for a long time. If you are getting rid of the van in under two years then don't bother with the flush.
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