'86 Accord w/ 56K miles...synthetic??

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Sep 8, 2003
Layton, UT
I just got a cherry '86 Accord LXi with 56K original miles. It is the engine that has fuel injection. I am curious about running synthetic in it, such as Mobil 1. My concern is developing an oil leak. I know 56K is pretty low miles but I am also concerned about the age of the seals. Right now it has absolutely no leaks and burns no oil whatsoever. There was one previous owner and he took care of it well. Would you switch to Mobil 1? If so, what weight? Should I leave well enough alone and stick to Pennzoil dino? Thanks for your input!
First off

This board is full of experts and soon you will have a ton of good advice!
Here is mine. I would do an Auto RX treatment to clean up the engine if there is any build up and then switch to Mobil 1 10w30. M1 will protect youe engine well.
Just do the switch ..if it leaks switch back..sooooo many people ask this same question..yet I have not heard of anyone on this board having switched to synthetic then developing a leak. The theory behind the synthetic leaks is a poorly maitained engine running dino oil, will have crud sealing up potential leak areas , then the synthetic comes along and washs the dirt away and ...walla! Leaks.... I haved switched 4 cars over...none developed leaks.
I have a 95 Accord LX. I have used Pennzoil Multi grade 5W-30 conventional oil exclusively all this time. My dealer says unless you race or have a turbo, synthetic is a waste of money. As long as you change your oil and filter every 3000 miles, you will have no problem.
AutoRX...where can I find that? At the local Autozone or Checker? You guys seem to know your oil so if you recommend that I'll do it.
I always thought additives were a no no when it came to engines. And as for saving money if you go with dino and change every 3K miles, it seems that if you get a little better gas mileage with synthetic, and only change the synthetic every 7,500 miles, I'd think the price would work out about even or even cheaper with synthetic. Thanks!

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I got an '87 Grand Am with 180,000km and started using M1 at about 200,000. It's at 300,000 now and seems to use less oil than it did on conventional oil. It uses a litre every 10,000km or so. If we didn't have such a ridiculously cold climate in the winter I would consider using a dino oil. I know people who have gotten very long engine life (>400,000km) using whatever oil is cheapest when it comes time for an oil change.
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