85 GMC S15

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Jun 27, 2008
Hello everyone, i recently purchased this truck for 500$!
Run good with a few little things that need to be fix.

Truck has 189,000 miles
2.8l V6
4spd auto trans


Anyone have any experiences with this truck?

Im also thinking of putting Rotella T synthetic or Mobil 1 TDT, would there be any problems running that type of oil in this truck ?

Any input will be helpful as this will be my project car as well as My daily driver

thanks !
Either Rotella T synthetic or Mobil 1 TDT 5W40 will be good for this pickup. It's also in needed of a good wax job, the paint is very dull. The right rear tire shows almost no tread left, you may need 4 tires too.
the paint you see on the truck is actually flat black spray paint from a spray can, i am looking for a good set of tires but that is going to wait until next month, so far i drive the truck around town but not on the freeway. i dont want to be a danger to me and other motorists :D
I would flush the cooling system, and give the truck the full tune up, cap rotor wires, and belts. Clean the battery cables. Change the oil of course, grease it.

Idler arms and ball joints are the down faults as far as i can recall.
And change the differential oil and the trans fluid, whether it be an auto or sdtick. You might also want to replace at least the upper and lower radiator hoses and T-stat as well as the wiper blades.
That truck would be the perfect candidate for used tires, there are always tons of good meaty 70-series at my local junkyard.
.....UPDATE ....

Okie dokie i have replaced the radiator, carburetor serviced, new muffler, new EGR valve, new hoses because it ran HORRIBLE when i installed the EGR.

Its funny, the air temperature hose was disconnected and it made the car stall when pushing on the throttle. 50 cent hose made a difference

:D still waiting on tires
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