$80 20ga shotgun free S&H

i have a similar, turkish-made, folding 410 single shot shotgun, but brand-named khan, that was $120 7-8 years ago. its only drawback is that spent rounds require manual extraction, unlike nonfolding singles that typically auto-eject spent rounds and thus are way more defense-friendly to use.

410 is ideal for these lightweight singles, which make for handy, all-state compliant, car trunk or unfree-state home long guns. when folded they can be unobtrusively secured in a nondescript gym bag when carried to/from vehicle. i’m no hunter so mine is loaded with handgun-specific 410 loads. if one has a place to practice with it occasionally a single shot shotgun an $80 folder is a no-brainer steal. i suspect that the cheap price is due to the tanking turkish lira.

a 20ga folder needs a recoil pad. a 12ga folder needs someone else’s shoulder, not mine.

may i respectfully guess that atikovi’s question on interstate sales of firearms reflects only the lack of proper information. it is my experience that too many fine folks, especially in more urban, gun-unfriendly, zip codes, are simply unaware of the ffl transfer process and the many firearms rules that are on the books. they fall unwitting victim to the drum-beat of a certain gun-unfriendly agenda. no harm in asking and learning something new, eh?

sorry, i don’t want to get this thread locked so i will return to single shotguns. it’s really a shame that h&r/nef went out of business. at the same time and same price that i got my new 410 turkish folder, it was easy to find used h&r/nef non-folders, auto-ejectors. i haven’t looked recently but if still on the market a new rossi non-folder, auto-ejector might be a decent alternative too.
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