8 lt of Amzoil 5w20 XL

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Dec 22, 2002
Ottawa, Ont CANADA
Ok Gents, I just bought 8lt of above mentioned oil - private sale = got a great deal. Normally i dont buy into this boutique oil simply because of availability and price. So no matter what I do, some of this oil will need to be Franken-brewed as my MDX and TL, both take 5lt each. and No I will not buying 2 lt at full price... wink The rest of my oil stash is all PP and PPUP MDX will need an OCI, probably this week end. and then both will have a spring time OCI. Thus consuming all the XL oil. What ratios would you suggest.. or even dont mix at all..?? Keep it simple at 4x XL and 1x PP..?? -twice or stretch it out to 3 OCIs? Thanks J.
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What is your planned interval? If long, then minimize mixing. If about 5000 or less, mix away!
If it was Amsoil SS, I would say use 5 in the 2013, and mix it with 3 PUP on the next OCI. But being XL, I would use 5 in the older car, and mix with "regular" PP on it's next OCI. Save the PUP for your 2013. smile
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