7500 miles w/ M1 a "no brainer"?

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Apr 21, 2003
Happy Father's Day, all;

Considering the UOAs, Mobil endurance tests, "Aunt Minne" and all the rest, would you say that going 7,500 miles or 1 year on Mobil1 SS is a no brainer - even for "severe service" driving- assuming that the engine is sound?

The reason I ask is the guy on the M1 techline told me awhile back you could go "The maximum distance or time" listed in the owner's manual, regardless of the type of driving you did. I specifically asked if you had to take into account the manual's "severe service / short trip" recommendations, and he said "forget about that".

Is this marketing BS, or do you think M1 is up to it? Would you do it with your car?

PS- Whichever way I go I'm planning to do a UOA. Just wanted to know what you thought about Mobil's vague advice...

Thanks, Matt
I think you're right to just go maybe 5-6k then do an analysis and let that guide you.

In my case I'm running a K&N air filter and I run the snot out of my truck. Case in point, When I turned out of work this morning two guys were flying up the road so I just had to join in the fun.
So I ended up doing 115mph less than a mile from starting a cold engine. Then drove normal the rest of the three miles home.
I'm sure I couldn't go 7500 with these conditions.

Originally posted by JWRENCH:
So I ended up doing 115mph less than a mile from starting a cold engine.

No offense but this is bad for your engine no matter how often you change your oil..

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I've proven by oil analysis that Mobil 1's claims regarding oil change interval are true for my conditions. My car is a 2002 Acura RSX and the normal service interval is 10,000mi. Most of my driving is around town so I fall somewhere between the severe service and normal service with dino oil.
It's ok Quadrun 1... It's still under warranty.

Seriously I try not to do that very often but I live so close to work that if I want to get on it, it's now or never.

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OK, I guess I shouldn't feel so bad about having to get onto the freeway, which is only about 3-5 minutes away from my house, in the morning after reading JWRENCH's post.

I plan on going 5k on my next M1 oil change. I do about 90% highway but I'll have to see how the oil holds up to that 5k first.
Turn the question around. Has anyone seen an analysis result with M1 indicating that the oil did not stand up for 7.5K or 1 year? I doubt that anyone has had a problem with that interval.
The only time I could see this interval being a problem would be with one of the sludge monster motors.
Thanks for the quick replies, guys. I'm pretty easy on the equipment, just a little concerned about short trips/infrequent driving on one of my cars. Sounds like it won't be too bad as long as I mix in a highway run periodically to get everything up to temp.
I think we have some analysis with M 1 that weren't so hot -especially with the TriSyn. However there is always a possibility of failure due to coolant leaks/etc. I think that an interval of 6K miles is completely safe for an analysis. I think that most vehicles would do 10K with little problem. But I still like a UOA to verify the engine is O.K.-more than the oil.

I would consider the 10W-30 vs the 5W-30.
Weeelllll, a friend of mine was doing this interval with M-1 TS on a 1997 M-B S600 and after 37k there was visible brown stains/varnish starting to form all over the top of the engine. During this period the car required about 1.5-2 quarts to top up. But, this was not the recommended viscosity for this engine. Still, my deduction is that if you need to add oil during this period, there's something wrong since the oil combustion by-products are going somewhere...ie. all over the engine parts...that is why posts show so many people needing auto-rx. Likewise, the M1 5/10-30 are not A3. So no-brainer? Not really.

You haven't told us what car/engine you're talking about here.

The only time I may be somewhat concerned with a 7.5K mile interval on M1 is in a turbo-charged engine with relatively small oil sump capacity. Even before I chipped my 1.8T with 3.7 qt sump capacity, by 5K miles (on M1 SS 5w-30), the UOA indicated significant TBN depletion and I wouldn't want to run it more than 6K miles total. Now that it's chipped, and I have a heavy foot, I am definitely sticking to 5K mile change intervals.

But, NA engines should not have a problem going 7.5K miles on M1. Nevertheless, nothing we guesstimate here will be as useful as actual UOA on your car/engine. So, get to work.

Originally posted by JWRENCH:
It's ok Quadrun 1... It's still under warranty.

The negative results of engine wear caused by such driving will most likely not manifest themselves right away but rather later, when you're no longer under warranty.
I've only gotten on it once when it was cold, and that was because I was in a rush and was trying to beat the oncoming traffic. Did not like it at all...I would never do that again, especially in this car. It does not run well until its had at least 5 or 10 minutes to warm up, then she runs great.

Not to mention that it is producing much more power at those high RPM's when its warmed up than if you do it when its cold.
i have a 02 subaru impreza 2.5rs which has a 7500 mile service for normal use. i've always run it pretty close to 7500 miles w/o UOA. it now has 34000 miles on it, and as soon as the warranty is up (36K) i will probably switch to 10,000 miles oil changes. i used M1 SS 5W-30 up to this last change; now i'm using the 10W-30 for what should be improved oil life.

my normal drive is 30 highway miles one way to work.

i think it's safe to go 7500, although if you're doing a lot city driving.
ACEA A3 (02):

Stable, stay-in-grade oil intended for use in high performance gasoline engines and / or for extended drain intervals where specified by the engine manufacturer, and / or for year-round use of low viscosity oils, and/or for severe operating conditions as defined by the engine manufacturer

ACEA A5 (02):

Stable, stay-in-grade oil intended for use at extended drain intervals in high performance gasoline engines designed to be capable of using low friction, low viscosity oils with a HT/HS of 2.9 to 3.5 mPa.s. These oils may be unsuitable for use in some engines. Consult owner manual or handbook if in doubt.

So they're close...only the A3 has the requirement of HTHS >3.5...ie. A5 is about fuel economy as is API "fuel economy" grading...
what i meant to say was:
i think it's safe to go 7500, although if you're doing a lot city driving i'd back it down a bit.

in between this post and the last one, i figured that i drive on average 300 miles per week. all but 20 miles of that are highway. given this, i'm pretty comfy with my 7500 mile changes.
I'm running the 10W-30 right now - from what I recall it is "A5" rated...is that as good as A3? Better? Could be a recent certification.

Sorry for the lack of info...here's what I'm using it in:

Chevy Impala 3.4L V6 - using 10W-30
(Will do oil analysis to confirm no manifold gasket leaks)

Also, just got a Honda Odyssey with the 3.5L V6. I'm thinking of running the 0W-20 M1 if I can find it. Probably just as legit to run 5W-30, so maybe I'll do that once the warrantee is up.

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