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Jan 7, 2003
My novice eye reads the specs for both Schaeffers 701 Supreme and 100 Micron Moly as being pretty darn close except for the viscosity index. Can I get some opinions and advice on those two? Vehicle is 2001 F150 4.6 ltr Romeo. I strictly adhere to Ford service interval of 5000 mile changes and have been using OE Motorcraft FL820s (or KN Gold) filter but may switch that to a Wix, NAPA Gold or Delco SPF1250 to try and get more flow through the filter. I have been hearing that awful knocking at cold startups when temps are down into the 20s and below. it goes away in about 4 seconds but still, it's killing me. I've read other posts here with the same issue and different filters haven't really helped but I'm willing to try anyway. Currently using Amsoil 0w-30 with Motorcraft FL820s and still the cold start knock continues. I just ordered the sample kit from Blackstone Labs and will be sending it off to them at next change (25,000 mile scheduled service).
This won't be the best answer-just trying to get your post up higher. The blend has PAO (synthetic) in it and as a result is more suitable for extended drain. It is basically a more "heavy duty" oil.
Thanks Al. I tried pulling the MSDS on the Micron Moly and 701 from the Shaeffers website to compare but the #100 link is a dead end. I don't plan on extending drains out past the 5K recommended interval (normal service schedule)so that's not an issue for me. Is the addition of PAO only a benefit when using extended drains? Mikep
Originally posted by Ken2: The #701 synthetic blend flows better when cold. Good link for me http://www.schaefferoil.com/data/100.htm Ken
Which spec is it that illustrates this? I'm not doubting it to be true, just trying to get a better understanding on reading the various specs. Borderline pumping temp seems an obvious choice where the 701 has about a 13 degree edge on the micron moly. But what about Cold Cranking Viscosity (ASTM D-5293)? The 5w-30 blend uses @-20 degrees C and the #100 uses @-30 degrees C. Why would Schaeffers use two different temps for their own oils within the same viscosity grade? Am I correct in reading that the lower the cold cranking viscosity number the better it flows at low temps? So much to learn. It does seem the #100 Micron Moly is a good oil for standard 3000-5000 drain intervals. Mikep
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