6000 km on Redline - winter storage question

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Jul 15, 2002
Mississauga, Ontario
I'm about to change my break in oil to Redline 10w30. By the time winter hits(sorry to bring up winter now
) I will have about 6,000km on the oil. The car is a 2004 Honda S2000. It will be driven hard, with many trips to 8200rpm but none of it at the track this year, street driving and basic commuting only. Should I store the car with this oil in the engine or dump it before the winter, put in some fresh Redline and then use that oil next spring/summer?
Here is what I do for my long term indoor winter storage (6-7 months) for my cars in western new york.

Right before I put them in storage, I change the oil over to a 10w40 rotella T or mobil delvac motor oil, with a cheapie decent filter (usually supertech), and I drive the car one last time for about an hour, then park it and let it sit inside under the cover for 6-7 months.

The diesel oil has a strong additive pack and its great for longterm storage.

When spring comes the first thing I do is start the car, and dump the good diesel oil into a clean container and put it in my tractors and lawn equipment, and I go back to my synthetic oil and OEM filters.

Also, I remove the battery and leave it inside the house in the basement where it is warmer than the cold garage.

Another thing I do is get 4 mini spares, and let the car sit on them during storage, because you will flatspot your expensive pirelli's and that will tick you off in the springtime...
I got mine at a salvage yard for 20 bucks a piece with tires on them. I drive a ford so it's probably going to be tougher and more expensive to find mini spares for a s2000 unless the bolt pattern interchanges with another honda model.

Yeah it won't be so easy..
But do you think I could get away with leaving the 4 month old Redline in the engine for the winter or should I maybe throw in some 15w40 HDEO and then change it again in the spring back to Redline?
I would think you could leave the old stuff in. I thought Redline was potentialy good for 15,000 mile OCIs, barring other problems. You're only going 3000 miles so there should be a LOT of life left in that oil. Anyway, I would call Redline, get a tech person and ask them.
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