6.8 liter filter & oil pics 3500 miles

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May 15, 2003
Henniker New Hampshire
Hi all,

Here's some pics of after cutting the mobil 1 filter open and the oil before I applied the auto-rx


I added 1 bottle for the 6 quarts in the sump and put a motorcraft filter on.
I will be changing the oil out at 27,800. Which will be the 500 mile cleaning. The M1 5-30 and the pure one filter are waiting to go on once this is done.

Any suggestions?

The 500 mile cleaning should be increased to at least 750 miles or is this the second run of Rx?

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First Cleaning. I thought the 750 was for High mileage engines. Will it hurt anything to go longer. If not that would put me right around 28K and 4300 on the current M1 0-20 oil
Hey V10Ray, what do you think of the Mobil 1 0w-20 oil? How does it hold up in your opinion? I own an '03 V10 with 4k on it, and was thinking of switching from the Motorcraft 5w-20 to the Mobil 0w-20 once winter hits and I have more miles on the motor.
V10Ray, I would leave the AutoRX in for 750 miles just to be sure you get all of the crud out of your motor. You won't hurt anything by leaving the AutoRX in a little longer.
It's nice when one of the largest ford dealers in NH service manager is your friend but it also has it's down falls. The 0-20 has held up Ok. I did notice a litlle more engine noise. Mileage did improve slightly < .5 MPG, I keep a spreadsheet on it. I went to the 0 - 20 on his recomendation, he pushes the company line. I'm not telling him I'm going back to 5-30. I am doing a 5000 mile roundtrip to Montana and back towing a 2000 lbs trailer. So I'll have a good test on the 5-30 when I get back. To answer your question the 0-20 seems to be fine but I think was more for the cafe then the best for your engine just my opinion.

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