6.0 Earthquake in CA

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Aug 18, 2014
The strongest earthquake in 25 years hit California early this morning. My thoughts are with the injured and others affected. The damage around the epicenter was severe in places.
not a disaster or emergency situation, the drought is still more pressing. Yes people are injured, some critically, and it's not good, but as major disasters go; no deaths and no huge infrastructure hit; The biggest hit is the wine as this was in the heart of napa/sonoma.
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It woke me up. Not the shaking, the noise from one of the dogs growling, then I heard the window which was not fully latched shut shuttered just a little bit (I actually thought maybe a breeze) and my gadget/toy (quake alarm that sense P waves) was dinging (but it does a lot anyway). Know a few who live in Napa and the area. Napa had a minor 3.something a week or two ago. One friend & his wife woke ffrom it. Haven't heard from them on this 6.0 yet. I was actually in the Northridge quake in southern California. The hotel I was in was damaged. Everyone but me evacuated. It was dark, cold outside, and I was comfy so I went back to sleep. Room sure was all messed up.
I went through a 4.5 the other week in the Caribbean, and it was fairly benign overall. But it was the first real tremor I ever encountered. Woke everyone in the house up, but I was already up. I can see how things can really get worse from there, and don't envy anyone going through a 6.0 quake. Hope for the best for everyone.
Each 0.2 on the scale is a doubling of intensity. I've been as near to a 5.4 as Napa is to this 6.0 and it was scary. And the Napa 6.0 is 8 times the intensity of what I experienced. CA as a whole is 99.7% likely to have a 6.7 or greater in the next 30 years. There is a 43% probability of a 7.5 or greater quake. A 6.7 would be ~12 times greater intensity than the Napa quake. The upside of this 6.0 is that people are forced to begin to imagine what the big one will be like. The downside is that it's a sobering thought.
I was visiting friends just south of San Francisco and it woke all of us up. Not strong enough at that location to cause any damage. I'm glad nobody was killed. Luckily Napa is a rural area. I think the biggest thing you'll hear reported is how much damage it does to the wineries. The way they stack barrels and bottles is not every earthquake safe. This was the biggest quake in Northern California since the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake (6.9). The 2003 San Simeon earthquake (6.5) knocked down some buildings and killed a couple of people in Paso Robles. Prior to that was the Northridge quake (6.7) that was very strong.
MSNBC's Crystal Ball got hacked by Howard Stern a few weeks ago. It shows how corrupt the main stream media is when they will blindly take calls from people and put them on the air with no verification.
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The quake woke me up, but no damage for me. It was certainly the largest one that I've been through.
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