5W30 or 10W30

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Sep 15, 2003
northern illinois
hey guys, i am getting my car ready for another winter. i have a 2002 pontiac grand prix, 3.8 litre V6. during the summer i use 10W30. i am going to give amsoil a try. should i stick with the 10W30 or switch to the 5W30 during the winter. thanks, gus
With Amsoil, and the fact that your manual says 10w-30 is good to 0 degrees F, I would stay with 10w-30 ATM. Well, unless it routinley gets below 0 in your neck of the woods, in which 5w-30 would be better. But it does say 10w-30 is preferred in the 3800 series 2 manual [I dont know]
if you are going with synthetic i would stay with 10w-30 it seems as it is working fine for you and synthetic will flow fine in the winter
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